Oriented by the Scriptures

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  1. Oriented by the Scriptures

    "But the Scriptures must be fulfilled." Then they all forsook Him and fled.
    (Mark 14:49-50)

    There are times when, in the darkest moments of your life, the only comfort left for you is a word from God. Jesus faced cruel injustice of a hostile world, but perhaps His deepest pain came when His closest friends deserted and betrayed Him. What could possibly sustain Him at such a dark moment? Jesus found His comfort in the Scriptures (Matt. 26:20-25,31). The Scriptures kept everything in perspective for the Savior, holding Him steadfast in the knowledge that everything He was experiencing was according to His Father's plan. Jesus could proceed with confidence because the Scriptures assured Him that the Father was in control.
    The word of God will guide you in the same way. There will be times when events around you will confuse you. Those in whom you've placed your trust will fail you. Others will abandon you. You will be misunderstood and criticized. In these times of distress, when your devotion and obedience are put to the greatest test, you must let Scripture guide and comfort you. Never let the faithlessness of others determine what you do. Turn to the Scriptures and allow them to reorient you to God and His acivity.
    Even as a young boy, Jesus was already well acquainted with the Scriptures. He was never surprised by events; He lived with confidence because the Scriptures had prepared Him for everything that He would face.
    If you will immerse yourself daily in the word of God, you will not be caught off guard when crises come. Your focus will already be on God, and He will safely guide you through your difficult moments.

    Henry T. & Richard Blackaby

    Now, this is a perfect example of why we should stay in the word. Pull those scriptures out that pertain to whatever we may be going through and meditate on them. We have all the power, might, strength we need right in the Word of God. If Jesus can go to the word as often as he did and with everything that was against Him; why can't we? Especially, when God says, "The Battle Has Already Been Won through Christ Jesus." "God Is In Control" even when it may seem like He's not.....

    God bless you all,

  2. AMEN and AMEN!

  3. If all Christians thought this way could you imagine the global impact it would have

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