Organic Food Is No Healthier

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Dusty, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. I buy organic whenever possible, not because there are more nutrients, but because there are no pesticides, antibiotics or genetic manipulations.

    So, the story is true up to a point. Organic may not have more nutrients and thus not be healthier than conventional (the term for non-organic), but overall organic IS healthier because of what it doesn't have.
  2. Hmmm....I actually saw a debate on this on another forum. It turns out that Tobacco, Opium, and Cyanide are all organic...

    Personally, if I had the choice (meaning, I had the money), I'd buy everything I could either Organic or Kosher. As it happens though, I tried it, I liked it, I couldn't afford it. So I eat a lot of Chef Boyardee....
  3. I tend to buy our food not based on what is in it, but based on what is NOT in it.

    Many of the additives they put in food such as growth hormones and animal vaccines cause all sorts of side effects in humans. Especially having two daughters I don't want them starting and developing things prematurely.

    That's why my meat comes out of the back yard, next to the veggies. :D
  4. I think the bottom line is choice like Ride says and I tend to shop and read box labels . I can't afford the organic stuff so right now there are farmers markets and that is where I buy my stuff . As for the pesticides and hormones .... that is why I say my grace before I eat so that I am protected . And the other stuff I wash really well . nothing much else I can do .
  5. XD That reminds me, my son is lactose intolerant. He's completely used to asking if food has dairy in it whenever people offer him food. He's so good at it, I saw him take a chocolate chip cookie once, and he took it over to my friend Mikey and asked if it had dairy.

    Mikey sat with him, and prayed over the cookie that it would be healthy for him, and that it would not have any harmful dairy in it. It was cute.
  6. Thank you.

    I don't want to eat poisons, hormones, etc.

    The long term effects of conventional foods are not good. With my grandmother having cancer, I don't want to myself at the risk of getting any diseases that can be caused by these harmful additives, etc.

    And to me, organic tastes better.

  7. Amen to that. I pray over my food...that's the #1 way.

  8. This study is very vague and confusing to people who don't understand it. The truth of the matter is that organic produce has 80-300% higher vitamins and minerals. The study here is based simply on protein/carbs/fats and such. Organic is also better because it has no poisons and supplies good hard working people with jobs as opposed to mass produced junk commercial farm factory food. Another thing you guys might not know is that non-organic produce is usually grown in soil mixed with "sewage sludge"... that's right... all the leftovers from the city sewer that didn't get turned into "drinking water".
  9. Amen to that sister. Pray, pray, pray! Wash, wash, wash!

  10. saying grace before the food still the safiest
  11. That's our position in a nutshell. We have 3 daughters. My oldest is almost 8, and already a few girls in her age groups she's friends with are developing.

    I am not comfortable knowingly putting toxic or harmful substances in my body or the bodies of my family, unfortunately with commercial non-organic produce, and prepacked foods, that's usually what I'd be doing.

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