Oregon Tornadoes!!!

Discussion in 'Severe Weather' started by Whirlwind, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. Oregon Tornadoes!!!

    My friend just called me almost in tears.

    He works at a local grocery store, and their supply truck didn't make it because it got blown over by a tornado!:eek:

    In Oregon!:eek:

    He wanted me to find out where.


    That's where his mom and dad live. So the news didn't calm him down any. That's where we went for Christmas.

    ...and his folks are away on vacation in Arizona. Hoo-boy!

    ...and then we have a severe watch for the rest of this evening.

    This is crazy! Things are changing so fast...:confused:
  2. Weird!

  3. One of the very best "Watch and Warning" tools that I have ever found is located at the link below. It is a great resource for checking any area in the US for over 40 different weather conditions that may need to be announced to the public.

    Please bookmark the link below for any future regional weather condition checks that you may be interested in:

  4. I am so sorry for the pain and suffering. May God comfort those poor folks and their families.

    Thanks for the link Pastor Gary.
  5. Actually, it wasn't really in Oregon. That struck me last night while I was being fed grapes, like Caesar lying on his fainting couch, and watching news. (just kidding)

    It was right across the bridge in Vancouver, WA. Still, where I spent Christmas (Christmas eve eve, actually...my friends' parents celebrated on that day just to cut out some of the stress). Many people scared, much damage. It was a freak occurence, they said. Last big one was back in 1972.

    My friend's parents (where we spent Christmas) are away on vacation in Arizona...but family that lived nearby checked on the house, and it's good.

    No injuries. No fatalities!

    Praise the Lord!:dance::cross:

    The story I really liked was that there was a lady out walking her dog when it hit. She thought it was funny, because the wind picked up her dog before it picked up her...flew them both back into a cyclone fence (she laughed about that too). She said it held her against the fence for about 45 seconds. Things were flying past her and she was amazed that none of them hit her, there was so much debris rocking around.

    She thanked God on TV. :)

    Some boat club for kids lost all their boats. Houses were damaged. Trees were pulled up. A brick wall was torn off the building while people huddled inside. Semi trucks were toppled. Lights went out for hundreds of people. It was classified as an F1 (though the weatherman on TV was shocked at that and said he would have guessed F3).

    All this destruction...and nobody was killed or hurt. Amazing. He is wonderful, isn't He? :)
  6. Look at the time. Tornado season is typically in early summer. It is January and it is not even Kansas that we are hearing of. It is Oregon and Washington and Wisconsin... strange, huh? hmmmmmmm
  7. Not unheard of

    Rare phenomena, but not unheard of...

    The jet stream is lower than usual in it's North American track at the moment. This can be attributed to a weak 'La Nina' effect which has cooled the west central Pacific waters. This usually results in a dip in the jet stream and unusually warm temperatures in the central and southern regions of the US, but colder than normal temperatures in the northern regions of the US and southern Canada. This temperature variance boundary between the unusually warm and the unusually cool areas has seen the effects of warm verses cold air-mass collisions and the resulting severe weather. NOAA has predicted a continuation of this effect in the northern hemisphere until well into springtime and possibly beyond.
  8. Pastor Gary: Yeah, they said it was like a copy of the one that hit in 1973. Same time, same place.

    Thanks for the explanation on this. You're a gentleman and a scholar.:)
  9. Although rare between November and February, Tornado's are always a threat. (Especially here in Kansas)

    I recommend a good weather radio.
    Get one that allows you to program in your county and surrounding counties.

    The one we have was only about $80.00 and has a very loud alarm.

    I too give thanks to God that there were no injuries or fatalities, and pray that God will use this event to bring those involved closer to one another and closer to Him.
  10. Lol, that bolded part really made me laugh!
    I can't imagine my dog and me suddenly being picked up, I wonder what the dog thought? Lol, he must have been really confused.

    I know when it was really bad in California, we have a minor tornado. I heard it one night, it was really dark and it roared a bit, it took up some plants and trees, but nothing bad. Just a few missing shingles on the roof and some flowers plucked off that plants, Thank God!
  11. Near: She seemed really relieved and glad to be alive when they interviewed her. She especially chuckled about the dog being lifted up before her (it was something like a 145 lb dog???) and the cyclone fence.:eek:

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