"Ordinary Man" (Easter Spoken Word)

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  1. this is my newest video of a piece I wrote for a spoken word event, it's the Death, Burial, and Resurrection story from the perspective of a Roman Soldier under Pilate! would love feedback!

    the lyrics:
    I am a roman soldier
    Under prefect Pontius Pilate

    I was there in Gethsemane
    Part of the guards dispatched to capture the "enemy"
    I watched Peter pull out a sword and cut off a servants ear!
    And while I tied Christ's hands together He beckoned the servant to come near
    and he healed him!
    I was the one who took Him to the High Priest
    where they mocked his claim to be the King of Kings!

    I was there when Pilate shouted at the Sanhedrin standing beside me
    Is this the king of the Jews
    Then Jesus said so solemnly
    "I am whatever you choose"
    and to my disbelief
    I heard the crowd scream
    'let barrabas go free'

    I watched pilate give in to the people's pressure and sentence them to kill the Son of Man
    I was even the one holding the bowl when pilate washed his hands!
    And I was on my way out
    When I heard Peter shout
    "I do not know this Christ!"
    and by the time the rooster had crowed twice
    I had delivered notice to the officials that Judas had taken his own life

    I was there when they dragged Jesus out to the streets
    Took a fistful of his beard and ripped it from His cheeks
    I'm the one who twisted a crown of thorns and slammed it on His head!
    Then the whole garrison fall to their knees mockingly yelling
    'All hail the King of Kings'
    while I knelt there trying to mask my growing belief

    I was there when he dragged the cross through the city and up the hill
    Falling to His knees in the place He'd be killed

    I was there with a hammer in my hand and a nail on His
    Feeling the full weight of my sin every time I pulled back for another hit
    It was then I looked into The only part of His body not bruised or broken, or covered in blood
    I looked into His eyes
    And He looked into mine
    It was then that I KNEW that this was no ordinary man

    I was there when they lifted that cross and dropped it in the dirt
    I heard His bones dislocate and my heart began to hurt
    I crucified my King!
    And tears rolled down my cheeks
    into the muddy red dirt below beneath my feet

    Later I heard Him cry
    "It Is Finished"
    And He gave His last breath
    And the earth quaked
    And his mother wept
    And the veil was torn
    And the sun was set
    And darkness reigned
    But He was dead
    It was then I knew He was only an ordinary man

    So For three days i stood in front of that tomb
    as if the dead could be living
    as if the deceiver could be risen
    but on that third day
    Oh, on that third day
    Everything changed
    And the ground began to growl
    And the stone began to roll
    And the tomb was empty
    And now I know
    That's no ordinary Man

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