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  1. Orchid

    I just got an orchid as a new indoor house plant and was wondering if anyone knows about them and can give me advice on how to look after it so it will bloom again. Thanks:cross:
  2. Dusty,

    Sorry, but I do NOT have a green thumb when it comes to plants, so you really don't want my advice. :sad01_anim:

    However, I see that Violet found you a web site to look at, and I hope that helps you and your Orchid.
    :badidea: I do like plants, but I have never been any good at keeping them alive for very long, so it's just best that I leave alone. :israel:
  3. Thanks Violet for the web site. Blessings !!:)

    I... umm .. looked at the site and I think I bit off more than I can chew as they look like they take a lot of care and different potting directions etc. Oh well I''ll see how it goes.
  4. Dusty, maybe the site was overwhelming.
    I did read to water them only when the soil is dry and they like an east window best. :)
  5. InHisLove, I have a couple of fake plants that look real~:p
    I do have some live ones too, but the fake ones are part of the LR decor and I didn't want them dying!
  6. Fake plants are probably best for me, but I'd probably find a way to kill those too! :p

  7. Oh well. don't have an east window. So it will just have to survive or die. Anyways , I bought it when is blooming so will enjoy it while it is here.
  8. Oh Dear...... My little orchid has leaves that are withering. I guess I am killing it.:eek::eek:

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