Oprah promotes demonic channeling...

Discussion in 'Books, Music and Television' started by KitsapGirl, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. More demonic new age religion.
  2. Notice how it's overlooked by the majority because of all the wonderful things she does?

    Just like people in our daily lives~
  3. Oprah needs to get saved or get off the air. But she is pleasing her master in spreading this confusion. May God open her eyes.
  4. Check out the Youtube video.
    A New Earth: The New Age Church Of Oprah That Denies Jesus. This is the woman that is one of Barak Obama's biggest promoters. Lord help America, and the rest of us

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  6. when you speak a lot like oprah,you know she is going to be a mouthpiece in a spiritual war.people just don,t understand yet what is going on.:eek:
  7. Well my dear friends. Instead of talking about this woman who does know better and is being deceived by satan and all his angels , we need to seriously pray for her. If my people will humble themselves and pray then will they hear from heaven. There is power in prayer and even more in corporate prayer. Prayer changes things.
  8. :amen::amen::amen:
  9. She is already in my prayers Mom. I think she is a topic not simply because she is a lost soul but because she influences so many to take a path of darkness.


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