Oprah denys Jesus

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Mellow, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. It is sad.
    This is on another thread somewhere.
    I don’t think there are many Oprah fans here.
  2. Probably not any fans here for sure. We really need to pray for her as she has great influence and can and will cause many to stumble ... what a fool :(
  3. I tend to stay away from the news. I used to work in the Pentagon and I can tell you that what you see on the news is what the government wants you to see. Even local channels are corrupted by political agenda. That being said, I totally missed this story.

    I can tell you brothers and sisters, I nearly wept when I saw that video. To watch as one of God's precious creations denies him in front of millions. A child of God turns away from her father to walk her own path. I tell you, emotionally my heart goes out to not only Oprah but to all she takes with her down that path. I will never judge her for her actions and I implore each of you to refrain from judgement or anger towards that awful display of faithlessness. There is only one judge and Jesus Christ died for Oprah just as he died for you and I. Pray that God will work through us or others to help save many and bring many to his kingdom, including Oprah. Think of what her money could do for getting the gospel to the remote parts of the world she says will never hear the name of Jesus. My heart is heavy. Like I said, to watch as one of my sisters turns away from Jesus is hard to watch.
  4. She is following this New Age movement, and believes in the "Modern Day Christ". She even teaches this to kids at her "retreats"!.

    Its quite saddening to see how such a faithful Christian (Baptist) could lose her ways, and fall into this. We should all pray for her, to the Great LORD, that she comes, and turns back to the one, true, and only God.
  5. I think we had this thread back in May...?
  6. We should pray for all these hosts on these tv shows. I already have prayed twice for Dr. Phil because I wasn't pleased with a show he did about discipline that doesn't agree with bible teachings. I need to pray for Ellen Degeneres and her gay lifestyle. And Oprah. :)
  7. That's true, Kyle_ROLWC.

    And a lot of people believe what the news tells them. The news thrives off people who don't look BEYOND their television screen, and reason and think and read to see if this really is what they're saying.
  8. Are you saying Oprah used to be a Baptist like me? Wow, then she is just like my sister, who was also a Baptist but fell away and became an Atheist.
  9. Yes, and a quite devout Baptist, might I add. She used to talk about God and Christ all the time, But I dunno, she....changed. :p

    I pray for your sister, WhiteLioness.
  10. I have learned from watching people who fall away from faith really were never one of those people who you would say were....it's really hard to explain. :p
  11. Well , I have to say from my own experience, that when you do fall away , you are more adament and pushy about what ever you embrase to the point where it becomes obnoxious..... not contageous.

    I am just so thankful for the goodness and mercy of the Lord and fervent prayers of a praying mother that brought me back to Christ. We should not give up hope in praying for this woman who once knew the way.

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