Oprah denies Christ

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  1. I don't know why I am not that surprised.
  2. I saw this when it was aired. It's really, really old. I believe it was about that curly haired woman, (not the one that was preaching, but the one sitting on stage,) and her near death experience. It was an account that stuck with me. Because she told of looking down at herself in the hospital. A common recollection of those who have had a near death experience.

    But "Oprah Denies Christ" is libel. Because that's not what she said. It's someone's interpretation of what she meant by what she said. And therefor, I can't jump on this bandwagon with you, I'm afraid. As I am against such things on principle.
  3. Neither am I.
  4. I do not know how old it is and really am not concerned about that aspect.I have to say that I plainly heard Oprah deny Christ as the Only way to God. Oprah says there are many ways to what I call God- either Jesus is lying or she is- my money is on her. If human religion could have brought us to the same place as Christianity the Jesus would not have come to hang on that cross.
    Oprah says (multiple times) there can't possibly be One way-
    Jesus says I am the Way, the Truth and the Life and no man comes to the Father except by me- Hmmm- I think I will go with Jesus again.
    Oprah says well what about Jesus? There can't possibly be One way. Then she goes on to imply that living a "good life" for the same purpose that Jesus came to the planet- you are ok without Christ. That makes it quite plain to see that she does not even know why He came as Emmanuel.
    I disagree with her and more importantly the scriptures disagree.
    God's Word or Oprah's? I will stick with God.
    That woman is drifting deeper into anti-Christ new age theology all the time and needs our prayers.

  5. if a person has not heard of christ,i am sure they will at death.
  6. I liked the way Adrian Rogers put it...

    "There will be no Atheists in Hell,...... NO, I assure you my friends,.. they will ALL BE BELIEVERS!"

    Amen to that.

    When we start saying "Jesus was wrong about this, Jesus was wrong about that... I don't like THAT part of the bible so I'm not going to preach on it, I can't say what the bible says about this or that because it may hurt attendance, golly gee, I sure hope my faith doesnt offend anyone, or hurt my television ratings.... etc. etc."

    then in my opinion, we have blasphemed against the Holy Spirit.
  7. I agree with Larry on this one... I heard her say there are many ways to God. This is contrary to Gods Word. I've watch Oprah for years and heard many similar comments. As I grow closer to my Father she is of less and less interest to me now... I am sadden that she has such a following that hangs on her every word as gospel. We can pray that she will repent and recieve the Lord as Savior, and only 1 God the true God.:groupray:
  8. The curly haired woman on Oprah's show was Betty Eaide (I think that is how you spell her last name). Oprah was doing a show on her book. Which upon investigation has alot of holes in it. Upon investigation it is revealed that this writer is Mormon, and doesnt want it publicized.
    I do not reccommend that book. I read it and was deceived by it for a long time before I was shown my error. There is just enough truth in it to lull you into belief.
    I agree, Oprah needs our prayers. She has such a giving heart. When she finds that Jesus IS the answer, what a powerhouse for God she will be!

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