Opinions Wanted: Pre-trib Rapture

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Do you believe in the pre-tribulation rapture?

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  2. The pre-trib rapture doctrine evolved in the 19th Century. Margared McDonald had a vision that Darby weaved into a doctrine. Read a good Bible commentary on 1 Thess., like F.F. Bruce or NICNT.
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  3. Absolutely correct. It was Margaret McDonald, who influenced the powerful English parson Edward Irving.
    Later the cultist church, the Plymouth Brethren, headed by Darby, wove a fantastic theology around this, and Cyrus Scofield became the salesman of this stuff over in America.

    BTW.....Bruce was raised in a subset of the Plymouth Brethren, and openly disproved dispensationalism as well as pre-trib Rapture theories. His credentials outshine most Bible scholar alive today.

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