Opinions on ice bucket challenge

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  1. I don't see any threads around this.. What is your opinion on ice bucket challenge? Let's not debate about this too intensively.. Let's keep it casual and friendly! And would love to know if you have been challenged and whether you accepted it
  2. From what I know it seems like people trying to help people, while having fun doing it.
  3. I love it. It's a brilliant idea, it's great fun and has raised millions around the world.

    Here's my favourite IBC video:

  4. I heard about a similar challenge called
    It was just as challenging and has only one single question. Tell me what your views on it are
  5. I was challenged and accepted, but upon a little lite digging, I learned that human stem cells from aborted children are used for this research. I decided against it, unless I can give to a place of my choice which does not include the use of unborn children. I mentioned this to my children, and we may do it upon our next family get-together later this month.
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  6. Putting aside the controversy that people found regarding stem cell research (and involving aborted children), most people did it because it looked fun and there was a good cause behind it.

    And that's fine with me.

    It looks like the phenomenon is dying out now. I haven't seen very many nominations or videos in 2 weeks, which in internet time is quite awhile.

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