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  1. OpenDNS

    Havent posted in awhile here is my latest tidbit:

    OpenDNS | Providing A Safer And Faster Internet

    These are DNS servers on the web that I believe are some of the finest, allowing for better surfing on more secure browsing than what most internet service providers are offering.

    One of the nice things I like is the level of content filtering that is available for free, just sign up for an account and you can levels of content filtering:

    OpenDNS > Features > Features Overview

    In tandem with my current firewall/content filtering that I use at home, it works very well, especially when children may be using the computer.

    What else?

    Of course its free, not a dime out of pocket (you need that anyway for your gas tank nowadays.)

    It is also not difficult to switch over, the have plenty of instructions on how to do so:
  2. I use it it's a great service and it's free. you have to have it if you have a family with small children.

    after you signed up for the service don't forget to get the software ip updater from here.

    it's all Free

    God bless

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