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  2. This is indeed true; God does perform such miracles.
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  3. Amen a big one in my life was that he saved me even though I was the me that truly did not deserve to be saved but God Is Pure Love and Patient and Kind and Loving and so very Merciful and His Grace with the Blood of Jesus created in me a new Heart and has been renewing a right spirit in me ever since. Since He can do this with me, He can do this for ANY ONE.
    GOD Bless and Trust In Him
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  4. Just slightly off topic after seeing the tree with icicles all over.
    Has anyone looked closer at snowflakes - what miracles.
    Did God not at some point say (not exact wording) - have you considered the snowflake?
    Well, go look into snowflakes, man, God says a lot about Himself in snowflakes.
    The humble snowflake may just melt your heart towards Him.
  5. No, it's the treasury of snow, not treasures.
    Still, snowflakes are just awesome in creation.
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  6. It is said that no two snowflakes are the same. There is an infinite variety while each sharing the same principles of design.

    Our lives in Christ are the same. No-one else has the same gifts and ministries as I do. That is not placing myself above or below anyone else, but is in recognition that God's love is expressed a little different in each of us.

    Working together, our differences complement each other and we can do great things in His power and still remain individuals.
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  7. And that is it, truly is a treasury. Yes, each snowflake is considered unique in some small way, but all based on this interesting hexagonal basis.
    Man has tried to recreate the snowflake since like forever - without success.

    Something interesting you say there, "No one else has the same gifts and ministries as I do"
    It pulls through to that everyone is different but of the same body, one an eye, another a toe, or maybe an eyebrow hair.
    Who knows... We must just be thankful for what God has given us and has revealed to us through His word and also not judge others so as to cause pain to that body.
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  8. Amen! I'm living proof that miracles happen! That God chose to save me (both physically and spiritually) after the way I sinned against Him is proof of His pure love and faithfulness.
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  9. And what happened?
  10. Nothing changed.
  11. I figured that would be your answer. That usually is the answer of people that say that.

    I will quote someone that I respect, " Faith is not a point in time, it's a position of your heart. It's not a hit/miss, win or lose thing." "A sixty day money back guarantee, try Me see if you like Me."

    See, that is the mistake many Christian make, they "try" something with God and if it doesn't work they give up. That whole concept is wrong right from the very beginning. That is why it doesn't work. There is no faith there.
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  12. So I keep trying until it works?
  13. No, you don't keep "trying". You start believing, there is a difference.
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  14. When you try something....right from the beginning you have it in your mind that it might not work. That isn't faith.

  15. If your heart has been opened to God, SOMETHING happened. You may be too close to the situation to immediately see what has changed, but will see it later. It is not a trade. It is not "Gee, if I do this, then the Lord must give me what I want."

    It may be that your heart was not truly as open as you think. I am not saying that you have not been saved, but that opening our heart to God is something that is learned over time.

    Many want what they see in long-time Christians immediately, without the growth to back it up.

    My advice is:
    Do not get impatient with God.
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  16. Juk, do you understand what I mean? If not I will explain further.
  17. Juk:

    When someone wants to get stronger, he needs to work the muscles harder than they were previously. When we have a problem displaying a basic ability, in this case patience, the Lord often provides something to be patient about.

    Could the Lord be teaching you patience?
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  18. “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.” Psalm 55:22
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  19. Hopefully...

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