Only God Can

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  1. Only God Can

    Only God Can!

    Some of the teachers of the law were sitting there. They saw
    what Jesus did, and they said to themselves, "Why does this
    man say things like that? He is saying things that are
    against God. Only God can forgive sins."

    -- Mark 2:6-7 (ERV)

    Yes, the question is the correct one! "Who but God can forgive sins!"
    This startling question was asked by the religious opponents of Jesus,
    but it is intended for us as well. While we need to forgive each other,
    only God can completely forgive sins. That's the point. Jesus is the
    Christ, God's Son, who came among us. He is God in human skin. If we
    want to know how God values people, all we have to do is look at Jesus
    and we know. Even more important, if we want to know how our sins can
    be forgiven, we can look to him!

  2. A good Word Mom! Thanks!
  3. another name for Jesus is Immanuel.

    Immanuel= God with us!

    how approprirate:D
  4. :amen::amen::amen::amen::jesus-sign::jesus-cross:

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