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Online storage solution

Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by Jeffin, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. Online storage solution

    My external hard-disc recently failed but thankfully I was able to retrieve some of my important files. It would have been a disaster if I were to lose them. So finally I started searching on the internet for a paid and secure online storage solution and found out that Mozy.com was highly recommended for this purpose. They have some really good reviews.

    I signed up for their free account (2Gb) and I am now posting my referral link here: https://mozy.com/?ref=M9Q26L
    Check out the site out and read the reviews. You and I will get extra free space (256mb) if you sign up via my referral link. :D

    Don't risk your data. :cool:
  2. I have an external hard drive for back ups.
  3. I'm stuck on DVD for backups, even tho they say not to do that.

    Hey, they cost about a quarter apiece now, and they store 4.7GB.

    Remember the ole days when everybody used to fight over those awful zip disks? :D
  4. I'm personally kind of hesitant about using online storage, I'd rather just do regular backups and burn them to disc and/or use an external drive.....
  5. I am very careless with things. An external hard drive wont last very long in my hands. :D
  6. Ok then I've changed my mind about you being a Doctor!!!
  7. Eeeewwwww yes! Do you remeber the click of death?

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