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Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by Ginger, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. online Bible study

    Hi to all,

    We just started an online Bible study on the Book of John.

    Click the link below (I fixed the problem - thx Jasher),203.0.html

    You can read the thread without registering.

    I am facilitating the study so any feedback or suggestions you have are welcome. Just PM me. Or just make a post here.

    I have led Bible studies before, but this is quite different as I don't have the advantage of being face to face with the participants. It's kinda like talking to myself until someone makes a post. :blink:

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Hey Ginger:) the link doesn't seem to be working on my device:)
  3. Got it to work:) for some reason my address bar kept adding 2 http://...

  4. Great! We just started, so there's not much content. But let me know what you think. Like said this is the first time I've led an online study.

  5. Sorry .... It kept kicking me off the internet and then my PC froze so I think I will pass... Thanks anyways.:eek::eek::eek:

  6. That is strange. Maybe because you are not a registered member.....

    Maybe it's a sign this Bible study will be very fruitful! :)

    I am optimistic about what the Lord will do when things seem to be going bad. I've learned not to become discouraged.

    Thanks for trying to log on Dusty. Sorry it didn't work out.

  7. I can't get it to open at all.
  8. Hi Ginger,
    Oogii has it figured out. Instead of clicking on the link in your post - I copied and pasted it instead. Avoids the double HTTP sign - site came right up.

    Larry II
  9. Thx Larry. You're great!

    I fixed the problem with the link so it works now, here and in the 1st post.

    John Chapter 1 Verses 1-14


  10. All Glory to God.

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