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  1. Onions

    I ate some onions this morning. The green and white parts. Cleaned my sinuses right out and WOW did I ever feel great all day!
  2. And it did wonders for your breath :p! LOL- I like onions too. I had a friend who used to eat raw garlic for his health. He was a great guy but his breath could knock you out!:eek:
  3. They say that

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away
    An onion a day keeps everyone away

  4. Onions n garlic are xlt for your blood cholesterol. I eat raw garlic for the burnnnnn n it tastes good n any kind of onion especially grilled on da BBQ!!! So yummy. Yes it's a good people repellent but thats ok , my wife dont mind cuz she eats it also along with chilis' so we dont smell each other:D:D:D oooo check this out, I will eat a ghost chili with out her knowing and after 2 minutes I will go to her n give her a big fat kiss!!!!!!!!!!!
    She will yell out MMMMMMMMMMMMM HOT LIPS!!:D:cool: N then Im in trouble:eek: Thats as far as im goin:cool:
    Yes chili is also very good for the joints as an anti inflamatory. It is medically proven. Well im ramblin on so
    Chili out. God Bless
  5. I like those sweet, sweet Walla Walla onions. You know, the kind you really have a good cry over when you're peeling them? You think...oh, man, this is going to be hot! And then you crunch into your burger and the juicy onion just SNAPS between your teeth and it's sweet.

    My favorite. That an Shari's onion rings.
  6. I love onions and garlic, I eat them almost every day. By the by, onions and garlic make a very effective birth control if you eat enough of them...they keep everyone at a safe distance.:rolleyes:
  7. They say if you eat fresh parsley that helps with the breath.thing.:D
  8. Onion lips, I suppose that is better than liver lips!:eek::p:D

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