Once more

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  1. Once more my life is uncertain
    Death waiting at the door
    No fear exist
    There is just You
    As it was before
    How long How long
    When my breath is taken
    My heart it beats no more
    I will return to Your embrace
    Where I was before
    How long How long
    You knew from the beginning
    I would wandered
    You drew me back to You
    Saved by what You did
    Not by what I do
    How long How long
    I am forgiven
    Not to parish but live on
    So I live this life for You
    Until my race is run
    How long How long
    This world has no place
    That is right for me
    I am left a pilgrim
    Just my Lord and me
    So far from my home
    How long how long.

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