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  1. Outstanding words of wisdom James. I do not know if you have noticed (;)) but I also get very wrapped up and hard to get along with when I see the Word of God deliberately miss-used and twisted for anyone's self edification or personal agenda. I have been banned before and probably will again over just this thing so I am very aware of what you went through and may I say that it will not leave you alone Jim.

    But, that is really a good thing my brother. It means you are in step with God and that you are satisfied with His Word in your heart which means that you are never, ever going to settle for false teaching.
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  2. After I read what I said the Holy Spirit has moved in my heart to confess it. It makes it look like I am the figure of Bible truth and that was not my intention. Please for give me if anyone came to that conclusion. I am nothing more that an old country boy who can not get over the fact that God would save someone like me.
  3. What do you mean? Can you say it another way?

    A lie and fear based on that lie is most often what a stronghold is built on.
  4. A strong hold is:
    1. a castle, stronghold, fortress, fastness
    2. anything on which one relies
    a. of the arguments and reasonings by which a disputant endeavours to fortify his opinion and defend it against his opponent
    Within the context of 2 Cor 10, a strong hold is a thought that rules in a lie over a truth of the word of God. A strong hold is one like this: the word of God says twice that "by His stripes we were healed", and the strong hold is "I'm still sick". The reality of the situation does not match with the word of God. To get the breakthrough, that strong hold of reality must be broken down. We pray for healing and as soon as we stop praying, the symptoms come to mind, then because we're focusing on them, they grow, and the strong hold becomes stronger, and then we voice our condition, undoing all the words in prayer. So, the strong hold is within our minds. Faith means to have strong conviction in Greek. Paul says we're to be fully persuaded in our faith. That process is casting down the strong holds.
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  5. Euphemia Hello,
    Most strong holds that people deal with are simply "Mind Sets" or stuck in their way of thinking. Fear does not even have to play a factor what so ever in it.

    We can bind the strong man in orayer over them and pray understanding and so forth.
    A person who has been told that they arer always wrong will most likely grow up and be a difficult person to teach other ways then what they know. The strong hold is that they are wrong and will insist they are right and claim that a simple explanation of another way is saying they are dumb.

    Mind sets can range from pride to stubborness to all sorts of attitude problems. They can range from things such as not accepting certain things or no one can tell me anything and so forth.

    That is why we are taught to raise up our children in the fear of the Lord or reverence or respect and love and truth. Schools can create strong holds in a child as well. A strong hold will close off or turn any area into a way side area unless the truth gets in there and sets them free.

    This can take time as God works in a person as well. Rebuking demons or thinking one can go pray a deliverence over them is for the most part going to fall short of the victory. The light of Gods word and ways must get in and change their thinking.
    A strong Hold is for the most part not equal to demon possession in any way shape or form.
    demon oppression is simply some evil type spirit haunting one or constantly nagging and hanging on to them. Thought after thought and pressure affliction and so forth.

    Hope this helps
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  6. You know Major I guess it could simply best be seen as a passion for the written word of God. It's in you and it is in me and I beleive many others as well. Thank you for the kind words and conformation assuring me that I am on the right path and need to just keep pressing onward.

    It is easy to flow down stream with every one else and the problem with that is you arive at the same ol place every one else is. Nothing changes and little growth and life on cruise control. That life simply aint for me. ;)

    I have said unto the Lord many times it seems as if I am always paddling up stream. I come to understand or hear in my spirit or conformation by the Holy Spirit.........Good !! Living by Faith In My Word And Ways will always require constant attention or to paddle against the flow of the world. So if you simply do not paddle your boat will turn around and get right back in the flow of this world. And get this...........He still will give you Rest - His rest.

    We are taught to be content in any given situation we are in - I have no problem there but I will Not Settle or accept any given situation. Been hounded on for many years how that was wrong and come to find out it is the right of way or right thinking.

    Be thankful in All things - from early salvation to about 20 years into my walk I was told that it is thankful for all things. I would not accept this and well you know how it goes for a beleiver who does not accept what they are being taught. Being thankful in all things is an attribute or fruit of love or walking in love. It is being rooted in the Joy of the Lord and staying in constant peace and walking according to His word. My sony walkman that I had for over 10 years at the time - some how fell and right in the path of the mover deck. Yep not much left of that. I was not pleased. I was thankful that I had had it for so long and thankful no one got hurt and that I did not have to drop the deck and sharpen the blades but Not ever going to be thankful that it fell into the blades. Told I was wrong and rebellious and so many other things as this.

    That pushed me to find things out. Coming from my past it was not an easy cake walk for me. My past did not just say oh ok now jimmy you go ahead and live for God now and the best to ya. The churches (3) that I was a part of never taught much more then persecution is when a friend teases you for not doing the things you once did. There was no preparing me for the "Battle of the Mind" where the real battle takes place. So literally for over 20 years i got my butt stomped by the devil for as I said you dont come from my past with a free pass for peace.

    OBTW @Euphemia there was also a strong hold build into me growing up that worked against me. I was told over and over I was worthless and nothing I did was ever right or good enough. (short version) this carried over into my adult life so not knowing any better - I simply viewed God ( The Father ) in the same way I did my earthly dad. I could not ever do anything right in Gods eyes and everything that happened to me that was bad ( most everything) I blamed God. Many years later I met some belivers who shined and their eyes were so white and pure and the Joy they dwelled in just seemed to run off everywhere they went. That got my attention right now.

    God lead me to some Chritian musicians who were the same way and listening to their testemony just sparked life in me. I wanted what they had and I told God I was not taking no for an answer. Best choice I had made since asking Him into my life. This is when I began to learn of Gods love and @Euphemia this is when the strong hold was Broken and I was set free. It changed my life. So at that point I made a quality choice - I decided right then and there Nothing was going to stop me from going through the change ( His change ) and it is a life long quest that all of us must crave and seek after.

    So Major if you are still with me here in this quick reply - ( I apologise for going on ) well sir this is what sparked the passion for Gods most Holy written word. No sir I am not there yet and have my days when I simply dont want to read my bible or listen to another tape but that tends to lead to me to a place where God is shifting gears in me and sparks a new direction or area to be dealt with or another words brought up unto a higher level of understanding to be put forth into being or action.

    Again my friend, Thank you for the kind words and being such a wonderful friend and not ever attacking me or holding a grudge. You Sir are truly an example to follow.
    God Bless and may your day find much Love and peace and Joy flowing all through out you and your family.
    Your friend and brother
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  7. I agree with you. However. It is proper and recommended that we all know who the enemy is so that we can react correctly and quickly.
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  8. God bless you Jim. Remember........I am just an old country boy from the Great Promised Land of the state of Alabama.
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  9. Fear is the opposite of faith and in most cases is the base of a stronghold, because of the belief of some sort of lie. The lie believed causes a fear and the stronghold stands on it. Fear isn't always about being afraid of something. It is simply the opposite of faith.

    For an example, a person who is an alcoholic has a stronghold based on some lie he has believed about himself. Fear runs through it, telling him he can't make it without the emboldening of a drink.

  10. Euphemia, your thesis is not being well understood in my mind.
    Questions that I have would be; fear of what is the opposite of faith in what/who?
    In your example of an alcoholic, the victim has been lied to,.................by whom? Himself? a work colleague? a spouse?a demon? who?
    Are you saying that the fear held is the opposite of faith in him/her self, or in the Lord?
    If lack of faith in self is meant, is this different from self esteem?
    You say "Fear isn't always about being afraid of something. It is simply the opposite of faith."
    Surely though, the opposite of faith is unbelief not necessarily fear.
    "I just don't think you can lift that 500lb barbell" I can see were faith enters the equation in the form of doubt, but not fear.
    Just trying to get a grip on your thinking.
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  11. Fear is a sin. The word of God says that sin can be visited upon the 3rd or 4th generation. So the fears of the parents/grandparents/great-grandparents can be passed down to their kids. Science has proven this too. So if they chose to deal with their fear or issue with alcohol, their kids can become sensitive to the taste because their DNA holds this memory.

    See my comments above for more on what a stronghold is.
  12. Fear is twisted faith. Fear can be seen as questioning if God would heal you or not or if you even got healed. The devil does not have fear he is fear just as much as God is Love. That is all the devil has is fear. As Jesus told Jairus - Stop the Fear and Only beleive... Thats one area of fear.

    Example - a person is always is always right and argues with every one about everything. This type of person has a strong hold and there is No Fear there. Your claaim about fear is a partial and you make it a whole. So you are not incorrect dear jusr incomplete.

    I am not going to argue with you Euphemia - you will simply believe what you will and that is fine.
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  13. Brother sin or what is also called generational curses can be passed down each generation.
    Example for you brother..............for 5 generations the children have been told the men in their family always die young with heart problems. Moms put this in the kids head as a small child and they grow up with this thinking. So they not only Believe this But They Speak it all the time as just words meaning nothing. This allows or gives an open door for our enemy to come in with heart problems.

    This is what most fail to see. Many a born again Beleivers have got a hold of this and put a stop to it right there and right then, It stops Now !!

    Also why is fear a sin ? Because fear is doubt and unbelief and twisted or wicked faith.
    It is oposed to the written word of God. There is a spirit of fear. I do not apply to all this mandated health care. The devil comes around and says they are going to fine you. he is tempting me with fear of being fined.......so let them - help their selves - God has got this for me.
  14. All fear is the opposite of faith.

    An alcoholic could very well be believing the lie that the enemy has whispered into his ear: "Drink it. You will feel a bit better." All lies have their beginnings in the enemy of God. The lie sets up a fear of what? Possibly dealing with the problem, or of people, or of a difficult circumstance...the fear of being victorious, or of some nebulous thing rooted in past generations who had the same stronghold. It doesn't have to be anything concrete.
  15. Yeah, the devil has fear. He has fear of Jesus and even His name, and of Christians who know who they are in Christ and use His authority.

    You need to research spiritual strongholds. They take root in fear, guilt and shame.

    Yes, don't argue with me. Look these things up for yourself, Jim. I did long ago.

  16. Thank you for your reply.:)
  17. Thanks Jim.
  18. As I said the devil is fear - and the devil has no fear to any human being. It is Christ in them that would bring fear but not simply a Christian who knows who they are in Christ.

    You say yes dont argue with you but look these things up for your self.
    That seems to say yes I am right and you and others who disagree are wrong. Why is this Euphemia?

    Now you write spiritual strong holds and for the most part it has just been strong holds. Strong holds are mind sets and do not need fear to be a strong hold. Any strong hold or mind set can become a spiritual strong hold or spiritual mind set as well. It does not take demons to make a spiritual strong hold or mind set.

    As I said before you are Not Incorrect but Incomplete on what you are saying.
  19. You are welcome.
  20. Look who's arguing, now.

    I merely speak about what I know from the Lord. If I don't know something, I don't try to speak much about it, least of all argue, because I need to learn about it. I should hope that is how you feel, also.

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