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  1. I am Tomoko. I come from the far eastern land of Japan of Shizuoka. I now reside in western country of the USA. I attend a church called First Presbyterian. I first discover my new relationship with Christ when I still live in Japan. I feel like something was missing..a missing link. I now have a boyfriend and we attend church regularly with his family.

    It is as if I feel like I am unwelcome. I had an older man approach me and ask me about my boyfriend. He said that it is a sin in the bible for anyone to date outside their race. Is this TRUE? This sound like nonsense I never hear of it before. My boyfriend is white. But why do people make color or race a factor and not judgement of character? Do they not like Japanese Christians?
  2. Welcome to the board, Tomoko!!!
    So glad to hear you came to Christ :]

    Ask the older man for a Biblical reference. What verse is this?

    I heard someone say the same thing before but unless they can tell me where it is in the Bible, I think its not true.
    Love conquers all.
  3. There is only one race, the human race. So as long as your boyfriend is human, I think you're ok...:)
    We all descended from one man so we are all related.
  4. That is NOT true.
    People should NOT judge because of race. The only closest thing I can think of is the unequally yoked scripture. (2 Corinthians 6:14), and that's talking about Christians socializing/dating nonchristians. I'm not saying hanging out with nonchristians is wrong. But if you find yourself getting SUCKED into hanging out with them like ALL the time and it gets to a point where you start acting like them, then that's dangerous.
  5. By my limited understanding, the parable of the good Samaritan states clearly that Christ was not racist.

    With my own loves I find the second point difficult. Playing Irish music tends to take you in mix of non believers, pseudo Celtic new age believers, etc. It's one reason if I get strong enough again, I want to find the Thorpe Market (local church) music group. It would give me Christian company who I could play with.
  6. Tomoko my sister from another land but in Christ. there is nothing wrong with being with another human from another land. WE are not a divided race but the HUMAN race. Our hearts are the same. Our looks are unique like God made us. I do not judge different cultures. We are the same in Christ. be comfortable with your BF as long as he believes in Jesus Christ. You GO girl!! God bless you abundantly.

    Adonaicole ...........good words there my brother :)

    jonbanjo my brother from another mother from way over there heheheh yes sir when u get strong enough, find a local church that is MHO nondenominational. That means just a Christ believing loving church that tells the truth about Jesus and has no sugar frosting to make it taste good as a lot of peeps want to hear. The truth will cut to your bones guaranteed and wake you up!

    Chili out.
  7. Welcome to CFS, Tomoko. I'm sorry that man tried to burden you with his prejudices. If Jews and Greeks (gentiles) can be reconciled in Jesus, and if being male or female is of no consequence in the kingdom of God (Galatians 3:28), then the slight differences in genetic expression between various ethnic groups shouldn't be a problem either.

    My daughter became interested in asian culture and language when she was a middle-schooler. She took classes in Japanese language for four years in high school and spent the last two years studying Korean in the Army.

    Is there much Christian influence in Japan? I know Korea has some huge pentecostal churches and China has a lot of Christians despite government attempts to discourage their faith. I haven't really heard anything about the Church in Japan.
  8. Ask a blind person how they feel about interracial relations. Indeed they can't see and all that counts is feeling. If we truly feel for our fellow humans, we become blind to many things, including racial differences.

    Cheers, and bless,

  9. Understood MrChili. Thorpe Market I would fancy it acutally Church of England but circumstances made it largely independent. It would if I could find it be more of s brotherhood/ sisterhood than a sect.
  10. I don't want to get preachy, but first and foremost -

    God does not judge us by outward appearances. He does not judge us or try to separate us because of racial differences. Human beings are the only ones that do those things.

    Don't let this ignorant fool make you feel as if something is wrong because you're boyfriend is not Japanese. This man is just hiding beneath the notion of God to 'scare' you into breaking off the relationship, which is wrong.

    Racism is an old, pathetic tradition. The only people who still cling to this are severely narrow-minded and need a wake-up call. Don't let them drag you down into their dark hole.

    I'd pray for that dude, 'cause he seriously needs it.

    I would speak to you in Japanese, but I've lost some of it and it's been replaced with French. I can remember some, but I don't want to sound stupid! Though, I knew what you were saying, dear.

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  11. Thinking again. I suppose there are lines like foreign women and the jews being the chosen race but my ignorant take is God chose the Jews through Jesus to show us a way. My own ignorant view point on the other would mean God says if you are to marry, marry a Christian rather than to be extreme say a devil worshipper who could lead you astray - a mistaken way I've sort of trodden,,, That we believe there is a Christ who is real is all that matters. I and you Tomoko could happily have a relationship in Christ. Not a love affair in one way as I believe the lust that goes under the name of love is repulsive and destructive... but maybe a friendship in my case trying and failing to have a friendship in Christ is perfectly possible.

    In attempted as a failed Christian. friendship Jon

  12. huh? He said that it is a sin in the bible for anyone to date outside their race. <----- this is unbelievable.... It's not committing sin but discriminating!

    Therefore if Jean is an Asian she can't find a white boyfriend since she is a filipina and looking for a christian caucasian guy??? Hmmmn, that sound stupid! Preacher should suppose preach the right teachings. He himself is accountable of these lies when the judgement time comes...

    By the way, Konichiwa!
  13. I talk to the pastor today about this. He said he wants me to point out the man who said this if he is present during tomorrow's services. He said behavior and racism like this will NOT be tolerated. He said if anyone has heard the song Jesus loves all the little children of the world, they'd know..apparently this man doesn't. It seems I have been brought up on racist nonsense since I have lived here..Why are some Americans like this? do they not like Japanese? What is it?
  14. It's not just Americans. Racism is all over the world, sadly.
  15. I notice Japanese-Americans are much different than I thought. Many of them are catholic where I live. Along with hispanic population. I find that to be fascinating. Most of Japanese-Americans do not speak Japanese though..but I guess if I was American-born I would not either..but I have been learning English since age of 14. My speaking abilities are not well like typing, read, writing skills are.
  16. One thing I highly respect about my boyfriend as I will add to this so you will get to know about me and him..We first met at this place called the Elk's is a gathering place for war veterans and vet's alike. My birthday also is on Veteran's Day. We first met 1 year ago at that place as I was told by some friends I could find somene possibly. He served in Iraq, from 2004 to 2008. His grandfather who is also WWII veteran (and still living at 92 years old!) I had the honor to meet his grandfather and hear some of the stories he shared. He served in the Aleutian Islands at the isalnd of Attu .He was a very joyous man for being through so much. This is why I like this country. These are the people who keep Old Glory flying high and proud through no matter what trials and tribulations we are given..Without their selfless sacrifices I'm even sure I would not of been able to come here...sooner or later I will take the oath of being a new american citizen!
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  17. I'm glad you pastor is supportive and willing to defend you. There are plenty of prejudiced people in the world, and America has its fair share of them. But, there are also plenty of gracious people here as well and I hope you get to meet more of them. :)
  18. It's not just Americans. Racism is all over the world, sadly.

    Too true. Or at least I can say it exists in the UK as well as the US.
  19. Sorry, thought that the old man you are referring to is the preacher of your church.. hehe... Anyways, hope that soon they will treat you nicely. :)
  20. Just wanted to say, welcome to CFS Tomoko! There are no racists here :)

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