Old World USA Thanksgiving

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by Pastor Gary, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Old World USA Thanksgiving

    This year we will be having an Old World Thanksgiving.

    (What do I mean by that??)

    We are planning on being outdoors in a wilderness area in Northern Wisconsin near our Cathedral of the Pines location. We will have three or four Oak, Birch and Maple cooking fires going with cast iron cooking pot racks and holders along with a temporary firebrick oven that we construct for the day.

    We will be cooking wild game turkeys harvested locally and already in the freezer, sweet potatoes, Russett potatoes, cranberries harvested about a mile from our location, freshly baked bread, fresh peas, turkey gravy, several pumpkin pies made from pumpkins grown by one of our volunteers and some freshly baked Granny Smith apples.

    We do this every 5 years or so and have to dress warmly because the temperatures have been averaging 22 to 25 degrees F. It is a nice gathering of friends and family and we enjoy the crisp late autumn winds, the smells and crackling noises from the cooking fires, a little snow in the air, the sounds of the forest animals, and the friendly, happy voices of our group rejoicing in the location and rejoicing while we work in God's kitchen. It is reminiscent of some of the very first Thanksgiving celebrations held in the eastern US over 500 years ago.

    The photo below our view is of the lake from our outdoor Cathedral location. This was taken in 2002. It was a cold day although no ice had formed on the lake as yet. There was snow in those clouds as we found out about an hour later...
  2. Nice- but where will you plug in the microwave?
  3. Oh Pastor Gary.

    That sounds so devine. That is a true Thanksgiving gathering. I wish I could come. Loved the picture.
  4. That is a wonderful idea! What a nice site you have! :)

    And it does sound divine, Dusty. :rolleyes:
  5. Bro. Larry, HeeHee.......Pastor Gary,that sounds so nice. So old fashioned.And what a pretty pic you posted~I would LOVE doing that but I don't think my family has much of a pioneer spirit~
  6. The Best Made Plans Of Man Often Go Astray...

    We just read in the newspaper that is published near our lakeside Thanksgiving dinner location that the Department of Natural Resources has put an open fire burn ban in place in a 9 county area because of the very dry forest conditions. SO, our plans have been canceled for this year and all the families and friends will be doing their own respective family traditions individually this year.

    In any event, I'd just like to wish our USA members a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving time and for everyone else, please allow me to send along the Spirit of Thanksgiving by sharing Psalm 100 with you once again...

    May God Bless...
  7. Amen Pastor Gary, thanks for the Word. Better luck next year on the dinner! If you are in the nieghborhood stop in for some thankgiving dinner at my house!
  8. Oh Me too ???? Where's the turkey.? Did you catch him ? LOL ... Sorry all, in house joke.

  9. I am sorry Pastor Gary that your plans had to be cancelled. and I had my diguise for the forest all planned. Did you see it on the Thansgiving thread.? Oh well there is always next year.

    All kidding aside I do wish you a very Blessed Thanksgiving and may the Lord Keep you and may you enjoy friends and family. Lots of love from Dusty.

  10. Larry and Dusty - Thanks for the well wishes and the very same to you for a blessed day on Thursday.
  11. Thanks Pastor Gary!

    Heh Dusty I saw that turkey today- he has a rough life!:D

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