old kjv

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  1. old kjv

    it has black marks aggainst versus that in my opinion seem suspect,not so in any other scripture can you explain why?
  2. I am not sure what you are talking about.
    Different bibles may be translated form different manuscripts but there is virtually no difference.
  3. what about the black marks upon the kjv m8?
  4. What marks are you refering to SC?
  5. i have 2 very old copies.
  6. Are they marks of jam that droped and stayed?
  7. very imformative .
  8. i would advise all to get a copy with the marks,they show dubios scripture,which now has become scripture.:jesus-sign:
  9. AAAAAAAAAAAAhhhh Yes, I know the sort.
    Are they not super expensive?
    I have some links somewhere hidden on my fav folder, I must dig them out sometimes :)

    You are blessed to have one at home, yes very informative indeed brother :D
  10. i have 2,they have real value,but only in truth not money.i think i might copy them.:amen:
  11. Howdy SC,:)

    I don't understand what you mean?:confused:

    Could you give us an example?:)
  12. in the kjv i posses,it questions the passage as being corrupt all the way through.if you read it .it makes a lot more sense.
  13. Cooooooooooooooooool
    You let me know when you do that yea?
    Cheers m8 :D
  14. Beloved one :)

    I thiiiiiiiiiiiiink SC refers to notes scribes have made in the past while copying the Bible, and eventually, they became incorporated in the text.

    Is that right SC?
  15. i will post a copy to you m8,but i need it back for my daughter,but i would appreciate you sending me some copies for there kids ,grand kids etc.
  16. Sylv,
    I notice that there is a strange and scary picture now appearing with your posts.
    Hope it does not scare away anyone.
  17. the black mark could be people who have not read the kjv,with the marks.the marks might condemn them ,who knows.
  18. OK thank you :D
    I have changed it now :)
    Better? Or you prefered one other one? :p

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