Okay, So What's Your Weather Like?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by farouk, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. The Bible says: 'While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease' (Genesis 8:22).

    Even in the weather, God is faithful!

    Som what's your weather like today? :)
  2. I'll start with central Canada near Lake Ontario: dry, with showers; warm
  3. Today: warm, sunny and dry.
  4. It's been raining A LOT here in Calgary for the past week.
  5. Stan: Oh well... :) You guys in the Prairies often get the bad weather first, then we in Ontario eventually get it...


  6. I lived in Vancouver for 16 years...that was depressing and the reason I moved back to Calgary. It does have the most sun but just not in the past week. :(
  7. Stan: You heard it here first, from an Ontario resident: long live Alberta! :) The practically minded people of the Albertan oil industry could certainly teach Ontarian city dwellers a thing or two!

  8. Monsoon!

  9. partly cloudy, 72 Farenheit here in Chesapeake.
  10. Central Canada near Lake Ontario: warm, dry and sunny.

  11. Right back at ya farouk. I am however originally from Montreal.
  12. Hein! Est-ce que Monsieur se débrouillerait préférablement mieux en la langue de Cartier et de Champlain?

    Or maybe you're Anglophone anyway...

    Blessings... :)
  13. Oh okay; kind of interesting geography there. You on the Maryland side maybe, rather than the Virginia side...

    Kind of hard to know exactly where the South begins...

    (My wife and I have driven through the area anyway...)

  14. Yes I am anglophone but fluent in French still. Pretty sure it would be against forum rules to communicate in French and I don't write it very well anyway.
    Je parle Francais comme une vache d'espangnol!
  15. (Okay guys I just asked Stan who is from Quebec if he prefers French, but I'll definitely revert to English... :) )
  16. My wife and I stayed in Dorval recently.

    Kind of amuses me how Quebec and Ontario regard themselves as so different (which they are, I suppose) but compared with the Western provinces, they have (or are perceived as having) so much in common...

    (Do people still try to blame you for the National Energy Program because you're not personally from the West originally?)

    Anyway, we eventually get your weather down here, when it takes its sweet time to blow down.

  17. Yes, when I first moved here in 1981 I actually lost clients when they found out I was from Montreal. The NEP was obviously to blame plus I was from PET's home city. Not really a problem today as far as I can tell, but I am retired and don't encounter it much. Alberta has ALWAYS been small c conservative and I don't think that will change anytime soon. Despite Harper's bad governance, they all love him here.

    BTW, very sunny and +16 today in Calgary.
  18. Justin won't cut much ice among the oil industry folk in Alberta, either...

    We are a bit warmer than you guys here today.

  19. Ontario: warm, dull, wet
  20. Calgary is sunny with clouds at 13 just now.

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