okay.. so that totally happened *_*

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  1. alrightly.... Soooo I totally got into a convo about faith...with a few people.

    And man it was interesting to see what they believed, and as I listened I was so shocked with how off it was..so far away from the bible , so pieced off I was just like wow...

    But ..no judgement because I wasn't there to slander and crap -- just listen but I was surprised..

    A guy that surprised me very much ...didnt believe in the trinity, he didnt believe in the holy spirit and I was just like wow...he thought a spirit was a breath and was more concerned with how old the bible was and who wrote it... I couldn't answer the question..

    By he couldn't answer mine, I said ...if were just a breath, what did Jesus die for, what did Jesus come to regenerate?

    Anyway it was hell of crazy... Now that I think of the dream I had yesterday ( hearing voices-- going crazy ..innthe dream I was going legitimately crazy..and felt a spirit on me and my cousin had to cast it out of me..that was the dream) I feel maybe....maybe it was about this. People's differing beliefs..maybe those were the different voices..in my head in the dream ( weird...i know lol)

    But as I types this... I heard, I need to pray more.. And I agree.. Guess that was god.. Or me :p

    However today was interesting.
  2. I feel like I've been getting some signs..not many but enough..nothing major ..but you know.
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  4. I didnt curse when I said so pieced of... I meant their beliefs were pieces of some of everything. I would correct it but I cant.
  5. Thanks for explaining. just please be cautious of how things are said, so that your words and their meanings are not misunderstood


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