Okay. Self-introduction.

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  1. Dust of the earth COULD mean a molecule...
  2. Yes the Bible describes the creation of man quite differently. Man was made Seperate and given dominion OVER the animals. The Bible does not anywhere state that we evolved from any other creature. I would encourage you to continue studying this, friend :)

    It's awesome because you believe the Bible is true! So you can go from there... It is a good idea for us to take the bible literally as much as possible because otherwise we insert what we would like to be true..
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  3. Well if you want to insert billions of years of death and evolution into that verse be my guest. I take Genesis as our historical creation, not metaphoric history.

    But it's no big deal. My church pastor believes in evolution, and while I don't believe it, I can't stop others from believing it.

    Just be careful because if evolution is true then the bible is wrong about many things. ;)
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  4. Polly, why do you always get defensive about a conversation. No one is telling you that you are sinning. Please quit being so defensive. Just join in the conversation and learn a bit.
  5. I am just a traumatized person... I've been bullied my whole life by both people and demons... Not anymore by demons though...
  6. Well you don't need to feel that way here. :)

    We just like to discuss things.
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  7. Hi, i'd just like to say that no more should you be bullied. Protect yourself with the Word of God from negative influences in your life. Have no dealings with such people who seek to bring you down. Concentrate on having a true relationship with Jesus. He will protect and guide you if you seek Him. Make Him your Lord and He can change you from within and change your life in an amazing way. Trust Him in everything. I say this because i've come to a place where i really want to know Him and have Him in my life more and more. He can heal the pain from the past amd even make good to come out of it.
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  8. Polly, how are you today??
  9. Good. What about you?
  10. Fabulous. Feeling lazy;-) I'm going to eat a granola bad. Just a regular Tuesday!
  11. I see. :3
  12. I know the feeling. Keep in mind though, I think there are people here with pure hearts, that have only your best interest in mind.
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  13. Me. I love u Polly Wolly Ding Dong!!!
  14. So you're craving just a single oat? :cautious::LOL::p

    "I'm going to eat a granola bad"
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