Okay. Self-introduction.

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Polly, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. Oh.. come on Polly, be weirdo's like the rest of us:)
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  2. Mitspa is a radical weirdo for Jesus!!!!!
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  3. Hey Polly what you need to do is hang out with the weirdo's and be weird together
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  4. I know that's right!! (Southern Baptist voice)
  5. Idk Ceile you are quasi-normal....but definite a Jesus freak!;-)

  6. I'm not abnormal? I've worried about that for years. Thanks for clearing that up
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  7. Not a southern Baptist... they would hang me up from a tree if they could:LOL:
  8. When I was stationed in Louisiana I went to an AoG church and bible studied with some southern Baptists. They were a blast haha
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  9. Yea that's not really fair of me...its those big KJV toting and "Gods Mad" bunch that hate folks like me.
  10. Preeeeeeach! AAh hEE! Can I get an AMEN?!
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  11. Yep that was them. They even got me a NKJV bible since I was a heathen with an NIV and told them I wouldn't read out of KJV haha. I didn't agree even then with alot but they were radical. We went door to door once a week.
  12. NIV's are better translated versions then the KJVs. But I still would of taken the free bible!
  13. :) you just seem very level-headed. Which is a good thing!!
  14. Mmm hmmm preach it!
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  15. Thanks.
  16. So Polly, what's your favorite Bible story? Mine are ones in Daniel and also when Jesus comes back and appears to the disciples.
  17. My favorite story is maybe the creation of the world. :p I am a science freak, and I like to think about Prehistoric things as well... And I am writing a song about God's creation and also about evolution. I believe in theistic evolution. :p
  18. Aww come on now Polly, don't tell me you buy into that molecules to man nonsense!

    The bible says in genesis 2:7 that God breathed life into Adam after creating him from the dust, then he took his side and made Eve. If you don't believe in the literal account then man wasn't made before woman! And death reigned before the fall!

    Just think about it! It's secular garbage!
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    ... not again...

    It's not a sin to believe in theistic evolution... And ofcourse this planet is many billions of years old... And 6 days for God can be about 2 billion and half years, and it could be that God had to sometimes update the creatures and people... What would the dinosaur bones be? Just rocks? Or dragons? And it is true that God created the man from the dust, but since everything takes time, it could be that it was first some type of ape, and then came Adam and Eve... And evolution also makes Biblical sense because in the Bible it says that God created Heavens and Earth first, then came the seas and Earth, and then came the fish, reptiles, and birds, and THEN came Adam and Even... And the evolution theory is pretty much the same. First there were insects, fish, reptiles, and birds, and then humans came about 2 million years ago...
  20. Did I say it was a sin???

    I just don't buy it. I believe God created Adam, not evolved him.

    God created a molecule, and he evolved it into man.


    God created man out of the dust of the earth and breathed life into him.

    Which do you believe? I'm sticking with God's word.

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