Ok i need help lol

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  1. Ok i need help lol

    Ok well i got it figured out lol I decided not to even bother. Ive had some other opportunity arise
  2. Putting all past mistakes aside:

    If you still have feelings for her and she's still married, you gotta terminate that relationship. Even if you don't have feelings for her, it's still a sticky situation. Having the history of a sexual relationship with a married woman, and still being friends with her, that alone is pretty dangerous (as it can often be a tragedy for the future).

    I'm not a counselor, but I believe the obvious problem in your "triangle" is that all of you seem to have problems with honesty. Deceiving someone, having an adulterous relationship with that person and keeping it a secret?!

    If I was in your situation, I'd get everyone to sit down with a pastor and have a serious discussion about everything.

    If her husband is unwilling to seek counsel, I'd highly advise that you yourself go to a pastor and seek his professional help. This entire situation deals with a very serious and sinful matter which I think you should seek immediate counsel from your church. You need to make things right, and quick.

    Remember, sin does not like to be alone. It's always seeking to involve another person and another sin into the equation. It spreads, like a virus. If you don't get it under control soon it can do some terrible damage.

    It's good that you posted here, but personally I'd recommend getting advice from your pastor in-person.
  3. I have before. He told me to read the bible and it will tell me what to do

    OH an he also knows everything now. I forgot to mention that my appologies lol

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