Ok Coral Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Fish Catcher Jim, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. @Major @Fish_of_Faith @Abdicate

    Unless they will make a thread pass word protected or another words all can look but only two can post, then I am rethinking the entire idea of me and major being able to debate this.
    After close watch of Euphemias and John P's threads and all the added non sense and all the added opinions - Well I do not see how major and I could actually have a true nice debate and get anywhere with it.

    Ps @Major if I have to start a free forum with adds to do this I will. rofl
    God Bless You All
  2. Why not just do a private message and invite those you want to participate?
  3. I agree with Abdicate about the PM system; if you are looking at a free forum though, let us know the address.
  4. That is of course your choice Jim. I for one do not care who joins in or who disagrees with me.

    Personally I do not consider other people's input as nonsense but instead it is a teaching opportunity. But that is just me as I understand that you want to do a one on one debate. You see.....I can not lose!!! All I have ever wanted to do is give out the Word of God. What ever come is good for me and is an answer to prayer.
  5. Sounds good to me!!!!!!!!!
  6. What does coral mean in the title?
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  8. :D
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  9. However you did state that if others begin to get harsh or pushy and so forth you would leave.
  10. Of course. I would do that with any thread Jim.

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