Oh, Wow! There Was A Change In Me!

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  1. When Messiah accepts us as part of His family, change happens. We're different. We are not the person we were before.

    Fortunately, for some of us, this happens very early in life, so change may not be as obvious. For others of us -- the late-bloomers -- the change is profound.

    What changes did you note in your life after He brought you in? What changes did others say they noticed?
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  2. For myself, the first major change was my love for my sister. I was barely 14; she was 17-1/2. We had quit fighting before this, because I had gotten big enough that I could take her down, but this was different -- I loved her. The first thing I did to demonstrate this was buy for her a sweet little bauble -- a tiny red rose embedded in clear plastic with a black background. Bought it in Weed, California. :)

    For my daughter, who is not here and doesn't remember, she was almost 3-years-old when she heard the call. The next day, she was so excited, her joy was overwhelming! She had a kajillion questions about Messiah and about being a believer. She also asked if there would be roast beef and peanut butter in heaven! :D
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  3. Before I became Christian:
    • Pro-choice
    • Drew erotic pictures
    • Loved someone of the same gender
    • Hated my family
    • Self-harmed and was very upset and suicidal
    After I became Christian:
    • Pro-life
    • Against pornography
    • No longer in love with a female
    • Love my family
    • Happy and stopped self-harming
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  4. My bondage to drugs, and cigarettes was instantly gone. I felt absolute peace and joy. I wanted to tell everyone about Jesus. Had a insatiable desire to read and collect Bibles. I never noticed how beautiful the sky was. Everything seemed to look different than before. I wanted to go to Church every day.
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  5. Yes my dear, you are correct!

    The proof of salvation is......."A CHANGED LIFE"!
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  6. God bless you my brother and I can tell my your comments that you are now rooted and grounded in the Word of God!
  7. YEP!........A changed life!
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  8. 2 Corinthians 5:17 (KJV)
    Therefore if any man [be] in Christ, [he is] a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. (y)
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  9. I had the misfortune of being reared in, and staying in, a church that taught us that the most minor sin caused us to lose our salvation, so I was "getting saved" all the time. Nearly daily. I just could not "live above sin," according to their definition of sin, more than a few days. So I kept Adonai very busy! :D Of course, everyone else at that church could go for years without sinning. They testified proudly about that! 5 years. 10 years. 58 years! They were GOOD!

    In that confusion, it took me awhile to grow. But G-d is (actually) GOOD!
  10. Man, I feel pretty bad compared to everyone lol ( I know you're not supposed to do that, I'm kinda doing it to myself)

    Although I got saved in '10 (4yrs)
    I feel I haven't changed much. But here goes.

    Very attached to the occult
    ( astrology,psychics,reincarnation, indigo&crystals,astral projection)
    Hated my dad and fought often with him.


    Forgave me dad
    Obviously not in the occult..

    But I have backslided hard, and the Lord's warning me about it...

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  11. My sweet Pancakes! No, you were not any worse than the rest of us. We just can't (and maybe don't want to) put everything in one post!

    Lemme tell you something. Mother claimed to be a witch and practiced witchcraft in front of us. Witchcraft was stronger in our house than was Christianity; it just followed that I would take up the practice, because I hated G-d so much.

    One of my favorite things to do after an evening in church (we went to church Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday) was astral projection. Another thing I did was discover a natural "drug" that I used at almost every nap and bedtime, so that I could just float away, in order to escape G-d. (No, I will NOT write about that or admit, in any way, how I did it.) And I hated my Mother from my earliest memory.

    You are and were no worse than the rest of us! Just please hear His correction and get yourself right before Him. It's So Worth It! HE'S So Worth It. The greatest thing you can do is build a life of obedience to Him, so you can see His victories in it! That will encourage you beyond imagination.
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  12. Thank you tez, you're encouragement makes me feel a bit better... I know I shouldn't feel this way but..sometimes it doesn't feel worth it..

    It really is hard.
  13. Our G-d LOVES YOU, Lady! He's patiently leading you, and you are learning. :)
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  14. He really is , thank you :)
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  15. Victory over my dark secrets.. Things which I know was wrong, but was not able to overcome.. I will put it all in one word - Lust.. And you can imagine what goes with it.. I also stopped watching movies.. I no longer feel the crave to feed my flesh with entertainment :) These were the biggest changes.. There are also numerous smaller ones :D
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  16. Imagine a testimony like this:
    "The L-rd saved me from a major drug habit.
    He saved me from alcohol addiction.
    He saved me from gossip.
    He saved me from a really foul mouth.
    He saved me from hatred.
    He saved me from lust.
    He saved me from Law-breaking..."
    The rare and precious testimony of one saved as a very young child, so they never did any of the above.
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  17. Maybe ambrosia really is roast beef and peanut butter. :);):cool:
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