Oh Jesus I Love you

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  1. Oh Jesus I Love you

    Oh Jesus I love you so dearly
    And it’s so very hard for me to tell
    My heart isoverflowing with gratitude
    And I know I do not say it too well
    I know that our Heavenly Father
    Created this world in which we live
    Filled it with all kinds of good things
    And to usthese things He did give
    I knowthatthis worldis wicked
    Sin brought on by Adam and Eve
    But sincethattime has elapsed
    It’s grown worse aswe allcan perceive
    I knowthat our Heavenly Father
    Is grieved at the state of affairs
    And the only thing we can do about it
    Is to get down onourknees with prayers

    We knowHe has compassion on His people
    And wants to save us all from sin
    So He sent His Dear Son Jesus
    Our hearts and our souls to win

    God bless
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