Of Doomed Morale: Satan's Music.

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    Of doomed morale is a new music group in from canada and is Positively the most evil thing ive ever heard. They sarcrifice goats on stage during their live shows and have been even known to rob graves for body parts to use in satanic rituals. This must be stopped!!! They are outspokenly antichristian and have voiced in interviews that they wish to summon satan so he may rule gods green earth. Considering that they have a heavy youth following, we must start a petition to ban their music from being sold in stores, that is, unless you want your children exposed to this filth. Their music videos contain satanic rituals and one of them even depicts satan bludeoning a nun!

    videos removed by HMS
  2. I'm not going to watch the videos because i don't want to see/hear the crud. Society won't accept people who listen to weird music like that anyways, so technically the band is killing itself. I seriously wouldn't be surprised if the band members all end up in jail soon anyways considering how messed up they are.
  3. I watched the video. It sounds annoying, unoriginal, and I think they are doing it just for attention. I bet they don't even fully understand what they are trying to tap into.
  4. Eh. The music isn't very good, in my opinion. The sound quality is either really crappy or they are just going with that style. I don't really care for the music.

    As for the videos, I can't say I recommend anyone watch them. I used to watch torture porn, and I get the same vibe from these videos as I did from that.

    I don't even know why you bothered posting them. Maybe you want the band to get more views on youtube? I apologize if that isn't the case, but I'm reporting it either way. Hopefully the videos will be taken off, since that could lead disturbed people trying to come to Christ away from Him and back to the other side.
  5. I don't think videos of that nature have any place on this forum---even if they are used as an object lesson to reveal how disgusting they are. We can take the OP's word for it.
  6. Not your typical first post.

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