Odd Man Out

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  1. Odd Man Out

    One Word In Each Group Doesn't Belong:


    Find the odd one out in each group:

    1. Typhoon, hurrican, tornado, mistral, monsoon, chinook.

    2. North, Red, Coral, Dead, China, Gulf.

    3. Isaiah, Amos, Solomon, Jeremiah, Hosea, Hahum.

    4. Terrier, Dalmatian, Bulldog, Harrier, Whippet.

    5. Peter, Stephen, Andrew, Paul, John.

    6. Rommel, Montgomery, Eisenhower, Patten, Slim, McArthur.

    7. Bangkok, Teheran, Colombo, Jakarta, Islamabad, Calcutta.

    8. Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune.

    9. Eroica, New World, Pastoral, Mars.

    10. Nutmeg, mace, ginger, thyme, cinnamo, turmeric.

    11. Mumbai, Islamabad, Calcutta, Delhi, Madras.

    12. Eagle, Kestrel, Kite, robin, condor, falcon.

    13. Malvolio, Bassanio, Oberon, Cordelia, Calaban, Francesco.

    14. Juno, Mars, Neptune, Diana, Poseidon, Mercury.

    15. Matthew, Peter, Thomas, Philip, Mark.

    16. Doe, Lamb, calf, fawn.

    Have fun and be blessed,

  2. Mistral,gulf,hahum, bulldog,Paul,slim,islamabad,-------,mars,mace,islamabad,robin,----------,diana,---------,lamb.

    Well how did I go

    God loves you

  3. Hey Raymond,

    Since you did not answer all the questions, I am not sure what numbers all of these go with. Would you mind numbering them for me?


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