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  1. So it is October, has anyone started their Christmas preparations yet?

    In the UK we have Christmas stuff out in supermarkets already.
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  2. I LOVE Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. I need to start shopping for a HUGE tree and tons of lights and decorations and candy and stockings and.....
    OOOOOO and the Christmas Carols! I wish it would be Christmas all year round but then it wouldn't be special if it were everyday:rolleyes:
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  4. Very true; its something to look forward to.

    I wish it wasn't advertised 3 months prior in the UK, however I love Christmas too. :love:
  5. It's why I despise Christmas...the commercialism of God's gift to us - Jesus. Read my study's part about Hanukkah. I found it so amazing I had to add it to my study :D
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  6. I usually put my Christmas tree up on Halloween!!
  7. I see it as when Jesus was raised up he gave "gifts" unto men. Giving gifts is fun!!! At least I like it.

    ".....It is more blessed to give than to receive."
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  8. The local Giant (grocery store) is currently stocked for Halloween. Though I would bet that Christmas stuff is starting to show up at the mall
    (I go there so rarely that I really have no idea what's there or not).
  9. Home Depot where I used to work has their Christmas stuff in the stores now, but usually don't set them up until after Halloween.
  10. The little convenient store I frequent has an isle of Halloween stuff, but they've also shelved the Christmas stuff too. I'm used to cold weather and snow on Christmas and now that I'm in Los Angeles, Christmas won't feel the same without the chilly temps.
  11. It's not good is it?
    The actual event of Christmas is lost nowadays, its now all about people getting and giving presents.
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  12. Our stores have halloween stuff then they will move into the thanksgiving stuff then Christmas. I lived most of my life without snow, and it never really seemed like Christmas to me. I used to bug my parents when i would sing i'm dreaming of a white Christmas...they would just say be quiet :)..... so now that i have it....i don't want to leave it, unless thst is really God's desire.
  13. Giant as is big chain or Giant as in first name ?

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