Obama's remarks at prayer event

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  1. Do you think this was needed? I am frankly not sure what he was trying to convey. All Christians humbly accept the fact that we are sinners on our own. And everyone is need of Lord and Savior. That besides, what is the point of comparing history and current events?


    After looking at events of last couple of weeks, sometimes I feel like my head spinning! We are so close to the last days. It sounds like no country/human/politician/human activist/religions can put this extremism to rest. There was a chilling picture of a small boy smiling and probably enjoying the video of the pilot being burnt alive. The next generation is getting ready. Even if somehow ISIS is eradicated, it would spring up even more branches and groups. At office I talk with some non-believers. There seems to be a general feeling that things are beyond anyone's control. It is escalating to a point where it feels like there is no solution! Even if all world leaders can get together, how are they going to eradicate the problem? Because extremists are having hubs across all over the world. France attack was an eye opener.

    We are approaching so close for the world to depend on some "man" to bring peace with the extremists and rest of the world. Comments from Obama like this just sound like stepping stones towards that. What do you guys think?
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    I was talking about this with a friend of mine (an Evangelical youth pastor). We both rolled our eyes at the comments he made about the Crusades and the Inquisition.

    I know a lot of people still mistake those events for something else, but as a political leader -- especially one at his status -- he really has an obligation to get the facts straight.
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  3. I can think of anyone else who could do "worser" job than who he have right now in the oval office!
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  4. HE is and has been and continues to be one of the worst leaders we have ever had. The world gives the USA absolutely no respect in world affairs because of his attitude and actions.
  5. I don't know if he is the worst, though he is certainly on my top 5 hall of shame.
  6. IMO, he and Jimmy Carter are fighting it out for the top spot.
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  7. Carter was certainly an economic problem.
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  8. Ya think?????

    Remember waiting in line for an hour to buy gas, IF there was any to buy?
    Americans held hostage for over 400 days?
    Interest rates at 20 %.
    Inflation at 12 %.
  9. I was born in the 1984. :p Though I do know my history.

    My least favorites are most likely FDR, Lincoln, and Woodrow Wilson, but somewhere in there, Obama and LBJ are squeezed between.
  10. You are just a kid!!!

    I wonder how many people know that it was LBJ who placed the 1st Americans into VietNam and was the one who allowed no prayer and no Bible readings in schools without a Presidential challenge or court confrontation. He is also the president who made it legal policy for churches and religious institutions to lose their tax status if they advised their congregations on who to vote for.

    Yep......he was pip!

    Listen......do you think FDR had information that Japan was going to attack Pearl Harbor? That was the ONLY time in history that all the fleet of battleships were in harbor at one time and it allowed the USA to get into WW2 which allowed the economy to explode.

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    I have definitely heard that theory before -- and I don't discount it either because FDR was a very power-hungry president. His activity is something that has been almost buried away until recent years, people are starting to bring more exposure to his errors, mostly the Japanese and German-American internment camps. But people are also beginning to look at his activity of the New Deal and see why it was a farce...especially as more people are also beginning to learn about the Forgotten Depression of 1920.

    There's quite a bit to say for LBJ, but one of the most egregious is his very vocally racist agenda. It is still a problem today.
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  12. Wait, it just hit me...I'm 30-years-old. I'm young, but it's not so much that I'm a kid...it's that you're an old man :p

    Not that that's a bad thing. You get to wear that with a badge of honor.
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  13. You are so very right!
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  14. Someone just posted this on my feed.

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  15. Read a pretty good article on this. Here's an excerpt: (link to full article at the bottom)

  16. We are in the last days, thats all there is to it...

    after i heard /saw


    being attacked by isil extremist....

    I knew....

    all we can do is just pray.. we have entered the great tribulation.
  17. We are in the last days but not in the tribulation. We won't be here during that time, thank God.
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  18. Amen.

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