Obama: Muslims Have Right to Build Mosque Near 9/11 Site

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  1. Obama: Muslims Have Right to Build Mosque Near 9/11 Site

    Months into an emotionally-charged debate surrounding the planned mosque and community center near the site of the 9/11 attacks, President Obama declared his support Friday night for the Muslim house of worship.

  2. I wonder how many blood vessels will burst over this.
  3. Will this decision "seal" his chance for reelection??
  4. Alarm bells should be ringing all across the US and should of been months ago..
  5. Ah forget it!!!
  6. he obviously wants a response.children and attention seeking springs to mind.
  7. Emotionally-charged? C'mon, people... Who even wrote that anyway?

    I'm really surprised none of the major news networks have reported on this. Media blackout?

    I don't care if I run over any toes, though I don't mean to, but honestly, the hatred expressed by many supposed 'Christian' news networks towards Obama is disgusting and appalling. And no I don't support Obama!
  8. Fox News reported it not like CNN..
  9. I don't watch Fox, never really have. I have a hard time watching them because of some of their newscasters. I'm just surprised that CNN has not divulged themselves into a massive anti-Obama orgy because of this - I mean, this is prime media fodder. Everybody should have taken a bite out of it so I am really confused.

    What happened?

  10. I also want to apologize if I got snippy. I'm just sick of hearing about Obama, Lindsay Lohan, and Mel Gibson. Really. I could care less what either one of them do, it's really not that important to me. Obama doesn't even half run this country - all he has is a pen. A freakin' pen. I found out some time ago after Bush's r├Ęgne de huit ans that the President's Cabinet and everybody else below, above, and in-between pretty much has the say in how this country is run. All the president is good for is signing some papers and telling people 'yes' or 'no'. Seriously. Et non, I did not get this out of that dumb National Enquirer or another one of those half-wit 'news' papers who get their information from God-knows-where. I did research. The Supreme Court is not just a bunch of slick guys and gals in black robes with high white collars....
  11. I have a different outlook on these matters. As Christians we are God's Ambassadors to the nations of the world and to be completely honest, bashing anyone is of the Devil and not of God. Now that I've said that it deserves definition.

    Throughout the scriptures we are taught to pray for and to obey our leaders, they are our leaders because God has appointed them to be. (i.e. 1Tim 2:1,2) If we are wise enough, at some point in our yearly read through the scriptures, we will become interested in the prophesies found through-out the Old and New Testaments. The United States of America has, from it's beginning, been blessed of and by God but when we read the scriptures the only prophetic renderings we find for this nation are folded up in the prophecies of Edom and they are all of doom. Edom is no longer a nation, the second Edom, the Roman Empire is no longer and the third nation to use the symbol f the Eagle in a bed of stars, the U.S. is now bankrupt and turning against God's chosen and thereby headed for doom.

    Is Barrack Hussein Obama to blame? Yes, but no! We, the people, ae to blame and B. H. Obama is the chosen instrument of punishment by our LORD. When Israel worshiped foreign gods, God punished them. When Israel sacrificed it babies to those gods, God punished them. I could go on and on but you should get the point from these examples. In the U.S. alone it is estimated that we have exterminated over 50 million babies to the goods of pleasure and convenience. Then, looking around the neighborhood we find Islamic Temples, Buddhist Temples, Hindu Temples and on and on. And then we are not concerned? We, this nation, deserve to end!
  12. Like I said, I don't support him. I'm just tired of hearing about it. That's all. I don't want to start a debate.


  13. LOLFox have been bagging Obama since the start, problay taken out of context then

  14. I know, right? Isn't Bill O'Reily on Fox and that dude that started yang-yanging and making fun of Obama's kids when he made the comment in the past - 'never mess with their kids'? Oh wait, then again, I think he's on CNN or MSNBC or one of those other major channels...

  15. Not sure lol, was a fan of FOX news but started to realize how bias they are in reporting, they have predefined thought before they have even started on a story!
  16. I don't see any reason they shouldn't be allowed to build their mosque, they can do as they please.
  17. well if the story is true, even some Muslims agree that its disrespectful
  18. Throughout the scriptures we are taught to pray for and to obey our leaders, they are our leaders because God has appointed them to be. (i.e. 1Tim 2:1,2)

    our priests are supposed to be our leaders.politicians have nothing to do with God.foreign body,thats why the world is in a mess and has always been in a mess.

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