O’ America, What Has Happened To You?

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  1. O’ America, you were built upon religious principles which are now covered over. What has happened to America? It is awash in material goods that it cannot afford, steeped in immorality, drowning in a debt that it cannot pay and killing its young before they are born. What has happened to the light set upon the mountain?

    O’ America, money is our false god, it will be our downfall. We will drown in the very money which we print so plentifully. The dollar will become the laughing stock of the nations. The mighty dollar will be like a sick man who has no strength.

    O’ America, we focus on our wallets – the work of the enemy of God. In the past, we focused on protection on the unborn and on marriage; becoming holy in His Eyes by living the 10 Commandments and being a moral nation. To the extend we do this is the extent God can help us mend our economy and social sicknesses.

    O’ America, we are dying from within, unable to reverse the tide that has been unleashed by us turning to the secular. Our roots were religious, based upon the strength of the Churches and the high morality of our people, in the sanctity of life and the holiness of marriage. We guarded our young against pornography. We flourished in the discipline of our life and in the discipline of our spending.

    O’ America, our problems are of our own making; the foundation of which is the rejection of God’s love. The enemy has gained the hearts of many of our sons and daughters; including those with much responsibility and influence; our lawmakers, and those in the media and the entertainment industry. They are like Judases, ready to sell us out, ready to betray us for their own interests.

    O’ America, now, we want our freedoms, even those that violate God’s Will. We do not want to be a nation under God. We do not want to know God’s Will. We want to divorce God and go our separate way. And then in our stupidity we ask, “Why do we have so many problems?” How foolish and blind we are, America. We will reap what we have sown while God cries tears of sadness for His beloved children.

    O’ America, we have listened to the wrong voice – that of God’s enemy. We must return to the generosity and sacrifice that made us great. We must return to the truth that guided us – that Truth is God.

    O’ America, another movement must stir. New voices must be raised that proclaim, “We will not turn our backs on God. We will not renounce our Christian roots. We will not have our identity changed. We began as a Christian nation. We prospered as a Christian nation. We will only continue to exist if we remain a Christian nation”. Stop holding back. Come out of hiding. Speak up. Confront this erasing of Christian identity. We are the majority. Our voice should be strong. We need to take back our nation; reclaim our house, before it is too late.
  2. MrG...you may have a calling to preach...

    In 1998 I wrote an essay called The Coming Judgment because I had seen at that time a move away from God the effect of which lined up so radically similar to what happened in the time of Noah, the time of Assyria, of Babylon...calling people to be aware that God would only keep His protective hand upon us for so long...that if we insist on going our own way and doing what is right in our own eyes, that because God will not always strive with a man, at some point (just as He did wil Israel and Judah) He might lift His hand...I tell you brother the lion is waiting to pounce...the hordes of our enemies would surely rush in.

    We who are saved have no fear save for our loved ones and neighbors for we know Who's we are and where we will be going but alas my heart still weeps for the many who do not know Him or who have rejected Him...may the Lord have mercy on us all...

    In His love

    brother Paul
  3. -No, I don't have a calling to preach - my calling is to speak God's Truth on the internet - I post in many different places. He just showed me this forum yesterday and also some other things He wants me doing on the internet.
  4. I must admit, and I mean no offense, but I'm a bit confused by this thread. Can you explain this to help me better understand, MrGroceries?
  5. it's my expression of sadness over what I feel for this country - I am almost 67 and in my lifetime this country has changed drastically. If this doesn't help write back and try to be more specific and I will explain more.
  6. Thanks for explaining. And welcome by the way.
  7. thank you
  8. Not really. We were deliberately crafted as a secular democratic republic.

    Why wouldn't we be able to pay our debt?

    I agree with you about the greed that's inherent in our society, but I'm wondering where all these predictions of the collapse of the dollar from conservatives are coming from? Is it because of all the "buy gold" infomercials that are mixed in with right-wing Christian programming?

    As to the rest of your post and its general sentiment, I wonder....were we a better nation in God's eyes when slavery was the law of the land?
  9. Didn't people come here to escape religious persecution? You are talking about the year 1775 or so - we were formed as a democracy which means we have personal choice - little by little we used our choice to validate sin as a personal freedom.

    why don't we pay our debt instead of taking on more? the more we take on debt the more we give up control of our country to outsiders - such as China - why don't we deal with the unpleasant reality of our debt instead of kicking the can down the road?
    Politicians want to watch their jobs stay safe - they don't want to become unpopular. Our children are not going to thank us for kicking the can to them.

    I think within 5 years this country will be on its knees - the majority have rejected God and without His help we will pay the price ---- we will reap what we have sown.

    Many people were against slavery - perhaps the majority - I'm not sure -- but look at abortion - the majority of people are against it but its still the law of the land.

    There are so many differing opinions of the state of America - we all can't be right - how God sees this country is all that matters - I think we have a lot to be concerned about - we need good, solid Christian leadership in America to turn it around - the enemies of God will destroy this country while the Christians sit around and debate - we need to rally around Godly leadership.
  10. America's beginnings on the religious level is a very strange one as it is often interpreted very differently.

    For instance, people may often regard it as a "Christian Nation" due to the founders' faith. Although even the founders' faiths is often disputed -- none of them regarded themselves as Christians (though they did call themselves deists). Jefferson, who I actually like, even wrote his own Bible (which I think is used unofficially in the Unitarian church).

    The country is chocfull of problems -- though we all have different opinions of what those problems are depending on how we lean politically.

    I do agree that a sense of Christian morality is best used in everything, though that also shouldn't mean a Christian theocracy, as a theocracy by principle is not Christian.
  11. Yes, and several groups upon arriving in the new world immediately started persecuting other religions/denominations.

    Of course we have such freedom. I wouldn't have it any other way. But I think your view of US history is a bit narrow. You may think things were better 150 years ago, but I doubt you'd say that if you were say....black.

    US federal debt doesn't work that way. The fact that foreign countries hold US Treasury securities doesn't give them control over anything. All it does is provide a safe investment and a guaranteed return. You know who the largest purchaser of US Treasury securities is? The US government. IOW, most of our "debt" we owe to ourselves.

    Why? Why didn't God bring us to our knees when Jim Crow laws were in place?

    Any data to support your claim that a majority opposed slavery in the early US? As for abortion, it depends on how you ask the question. It's only a small minority who believe abortion should be illegal in all circumstances.

    I'm curious...what would a "Godly leader" do exactly?
  12. And if another person responded they will say something different - we all have our "take" on history based on our knowledge, bias, etc. - what I wrote is just my "take" on it - I believe what I said and I will let it stand as is - Why don't you post your "take" on it and see what comments you get? - because there are going to be people with a different "take" of American history than the one you have - you know we all have our opinions - this is just mine and I'm sure it's flawed
  13. That the early colonies engaged in persecution of other denominations is a matter of historical record, and isn't a matter of someone's "take". That slavery was widely practiced and was the law of the land in the US for almost 100 years is a historical fact and not a matter of opinion. That racial segregation and oppression of minorities and women was widely practiced in the US for most of its history is not a matter of personal opinion.

    Where personal opinion comes in is whether you look back on those times as "the good old days" and pine for us to return to them, or if you look at where we are now and conclude that we've made quite a bit of progress.

    I have. In general I think the US is progressing fairly well on a number of fronts. Is everything exactly the way I'd want it? Of course not, but doesn't mean I'm looking back to an age where I couldn't vote, could be put into debtor's prison, couldn't marry outside my race, had to have 10 kids to get 4 to adulthood, etc. and thinking of them as "better times".
  14. There are people who agree with you and there are people who agree with what I said - over 1000 people have read this on different sites - people either come down on one side or the other - I understand what you are saying - but some of us put more weight on 55 million abortions in this country, immorality - pornography - same sex marriage as being a God given freedom to chose - legislating sin into our laws such as smoking pot - making money a god - the list goes on and on - whether things are better or worse now is a matter of not only stating the pro's and con's but has to do with how much weight or importance you place on any individual aspect - God only knows - the rest of us just have our human flawed judgment and opinion
  15. Indeed, this one will have different responses. I think there is merit to some of what RJ said, and there's some merit to what MrGroceries said. And then there are parts where I would disagree with both of you.

    But this is also more of a political statement than a theological statement.
  16. Well of course each of us can find people who agree with us. That's true for any subject, but it has no bearing on what is documented fact.

    Like I said, I don't think the US is perfect, but would I want to go back to a time in the past when we were "more Christian"? Not at all.
  17. I will admit -- and I am only giving my own opinion -- I think there is something cult-ish and strange about treating a country or political leader as some sort of deity. I remember going to a church when I was about 15 and seeing how the American flag often hung over the pulpit. There was this sentiment of nationalism in the church which I find very unhealthy.

    Perhaps that's only a biased view as I found even then nationalism to be a pretty scary thing, but putting it up as a forefront in a house of worship seemed to water down the dignity deserving to God.
  18. It's tribalism. As members of H. sapiens, there's a natural tendency towards tribalism in a lot of what we do. Most people have an innate desire to "belong", usually to a group of other like-minded people.

    I've talked to some anthropologists who insist that many of the rituals and practices in church are means to reinforce a sense of tribalism in the congregation. Singing, praying, standing, sitting all in unison fits that mold.

    Just to be clear, I'm not saying it's necessarily wrong. All of the sports teams I've played on have done things like that too and it works really well to create a sense of unity and teamwork.
  19. Good OP and thanks for the effort Mr Grocery!
  20. Maybe you guys can clear this up for me....what exactly are you disagreeing with? That colonists persecuted people from other religions/denominations? That slavery was the law of the land and widely practiced? That sexual and racial discrimination and Antisemitism has been prominent in much of US history? That at one time Catholics were banned from holding office? That Native Americans were deliberately killed to make way for the European settlers?

    Or are you arguing that "those were the good ol' days"? Help me out.

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