Nuclear War Dream?

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  1. I just had a dream America was hit by 3 Nuclear Bombs near NYC in a day. Then 3 more came flying and hit near Florida, those missiles were coming from Columbia.

    I know there are ways to interpret dreams because it happens in the Bible. Is this dream symbolic, prophetic, or random? :)
  2. Random, very random.

    The days of fission weapons delivered by intercontinental missiles are gone.

    Welcome to the era of hand delivered dirty bombs, EMPs and mass accelerators.

    Technology, the double-edged sword of science.
  3. Not sure where you get your info. We have a lot of nuclear missiles ready to be fired and ready to fire at us. Those days are definitely not over.
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  4. I don't think it is prophetic. I don't think you will doubt over prophesies. Lord does not show you some thing and let you guess whether it was just a dream or prophesy :) You will know if it's a prophesy. And only you will know..
    My guess is it is more of a dream.. In case you have been thinking about it off late..

    If these thoughts have never crossed your mind, then may be Lord is putting a burden in your heart to start praying more for the nation.. We all need to pray for safety of this nation.. It is not the army which is going to save this nation from terrorists.. Only thing that can save is God's grace, poured out when his people are praying..
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  5. They stand idle and will until their cost to maintain becomes too great.

    That day was over once the leaders, fearful of their own demise, learned of MAD.

    At that point, their aces up their sleeves became useless.
  6. Tell that to all the nuclear submarines standing by for the word to fire. Nuclear weapons are very much in the game still
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  7. No idea... you have to ask the Lord. Things to ponder: did you watch, read, hear, of any end-time events involving bombs? How vivid was the dream compared to other dreams? Finally, if it is from God, ask Him what it means. He will answer. Remember Joseph's words to Pharaoh:

    Genesis 41:16 (KJV)
    And Joseph answered Pharaoh, saying, [It is] not in me: God shall give Pharaoh an answer of peace.

    Don't let the devil steal a potential gift.
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  8. And I say to you they will be idle.

    These old men will not kill themselves. The fear death because they KNOW what awaits them.

    MAD prevents them from pushing the button.
  9. Did you realize that if North Korea were to fully take over South Korea that the US will nuke the entire country to prevent this? I was speaking with my post commander and command sergeant major before i got out of the military and they stated the US order would be to pull all Americans and as many south koreans out as possible and nuke the area. This came from a Major General and a CSM. Do you really think they don't have this order in other areas of the world?
  10. And he was shooting out his posterior.

    For if they did then China would retaliate. Then the US would be no more. Because some of that fission activity would get China.

    And if China commits, the US will return. Between just those two the world would end.

    So no, this will not happen. These men want their lives more than anything else.

    IF North Korea does jump the border it will be conventional and there will be a world coalition. China would simply protest in the UN and wait until the smoke cleared and gobble up the north.
  11. And you were in the military how long and what military leadership have you spoken to? I respect both men I spoke with and you my friend are just flapping your jaw without any knowledge
  12. Sounds more like a dream. Have you been watching End Times videos lately? :)
  13. Look if you feel safe and comfy with your MAD world, then be my guest and stay in it all you want.

    Dust is being shook off my feet.
  14. I am and I do, because God is bigger than it all!
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  15. Nope. It was out of the blue!

    I'm sure it means nothing, but honestly it scared me.
  16. Hey I had a dream about missiles hitting my area. The dream woke me up at 4am in the morning.

    Every time I have one of these dreams I wake up with my heart beating really fast. It's kind of cool because its kind of like exercising in my sleep since its getting my heart rate up.
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  17. I wouldn't dwell on it. Besides even if it was a prophecy, what would you be able to do about it? That is actually the major reason why I don't believe it is a prophecy, because it would be pointless, you would just be another person with a doomsday prediction, I don't see the point in God giving you a prophecy over that.
  18. I know it wasn't prophecy, but I just threw that in there to see what answers I'd get. If it was prophecy then that would make me a prophet! Of which I am not :)
  19. Your dream is symbolic though of your inner psyche, it is showing that you are fearful.
  20. In my dream while the missiles were hitting, I was doing cartwheels. What does this mean?
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