November 11

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  1. November 11

    Let us not forget the sacrifice that soldiers gone before us and the present soldiers are doing to keep our country free. Continue to pray for our troups and their families.

    The soldiers sacrificed their lives for our freedom .

    Jesus Christ was the Ultimate sacrifice because he gave His life for ours so that we may have eternal life.
  2. Praise God for giving us the brave young men and women. May he watch over and protect them as they fight for our freedom. We so often forget how lucky we are to have things that we consider simple convenience, but that so many in this world never have. Thank God also for the soldiers who have previously served and preserved our freedom so selflessly. I am thankful for them all.
  3. In memory of and appreciation for those who have served our Country (USA) and those around the world who fight for freedom.


  4. I knew this country would change so much after that day. Some said they would not let it affect their lives. But even if you try, there are numerous situations that can not be avoided as a result, and now I don't know anyone whose life has not been affected in some way.

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