Nothing wrong with sexual topics.

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  1. Nothing wrong with sexual topics.

    There is nothing at all wrong with sex.
    I sense some moderators are bias on views with sexual topics.
    My masturbation topic got removed, then another one about safe sex was made out to be a big deal.
    I dont get it, please explain?
    Sex is healthy and we should be promoting the topic since it doesn't get talked about openly in Church.
    In the 1950s sex was a big deal and making a big deal out of sex in the past has only caused destruction of all types, including people hiding rapes and sexual abuse within families.
    Since we are open to the topic in this day and age, we hear of more and more only because people feel comfortable to come forward and report it.

    I dont know about you but I really dont wanna go back to 1950 ideas of sex being a bad thing or a topic that needs to be seen as automatically dirty and or wrong on a Christian forum.
  2. Blessings,

    No one is going back to the 1950's. But we must remember that this is a Christian Forum. We have young adults and some members allow their children to join here with their permission because they view this as a safe place for their children to learn of God, and how He saved them and love them. We do allow topics to be discussed here while other topics we, the staff feels is inappropriate due to the age range of members we have here. There are other sites that allow this but in the interest of the younger viewers, we monitor and will remove what we feel is inappropriate for younger members. We strive to make this a safe place of worship, praise, prayer and studies for any age group. That is not just for our older members; but, for our younger members as well.

    There are some things that parents may not want their children to learn online. And in the instance of the post of yours that was removed, this is not the place for such a discussion where children are members as well. Parents may not want their children learning such things online. Some things parents will teach their children on their own.

    I agree that there is nothing wrong with sex. God created it for married men and women. However, we do not want our Christian children, the next generation learning of the alternative that you posted. If they are going to learn it, they will not say that they learned that from CFS.

    Thank you for understanding the decision of the staff and God bless,

    Godbe4me and the entire Moderator Staff
  3. I must admit that; even as an adult who believes there is nothing wrong with sex; I was a little uncomfortable, but I believe the above explanation says it all concerning this question.

    Awesome explanation!

    Thank you!


  4. Thank you Godbe4me . I am in full agreement with your statement and yes this is a Christian Forum promoting Christ and the Message of the gospel and these issues can be addressed on other forums . We are here to talk about Christ , praise and honour Him and there does need to be a line drawn .

    I too felt uncomfortable about these topics for the same reason that we do have very young people come here and for them to read all this discussion is not healthy . They get enough in school ( actually too much ) and don't need to come here and think that is what Christians talk about .

    There is a time and a place for all this and CFS is not the place. Sorry Darknight and I appreciate and value your threads and posts but let's get back on track with other topics .

    Blessings to you as you continue in your service for Jesus .
  5. Having been a moderator on a site that changed it's policy to allowing such topics I can only give praise to God for the moderator's stance on these issues. I was removed because I refused to allow those posts because of the youth that were on the site and the site just collapsed in a short time as a result of the "trash" posts that followed. God does not bless sin and leading youngsters astray is sin.

    The thing is that the Bible is our final arbitrator in all matters and there are things that are not directly addressed. This is not because God forgot or ignored them because they didn't matter. They are dealt with in principal by illustrations of other matters. The best examples of God giving us instruction in matters sexual are the examples of doing unto others as we would do unto ourselves.

    I also do not wish to return to the 50s, they were not any better for people allowing God to rule than we, as a people, are now and that would, perhaps?, set the Rapture back 60 years. Besides, we all wish to go to Heaven and there is no sex there so it can't be all that important in the whole scheme of things.

    In summary, Mod. Team, thanks!
  6. "love always protects" (1 Cor 13:7)

    Thank you Godbe4me .
  7. The bible is full of sex - the matter is in no way under dressed in the bible.

    I can understand where godbe4me is coming from though but I dont fully agree...
    A post about whether its sin or not is not a graphic text run down in how to do it and would probably only be beneficial if someone ever thought they was doing wrong.
    I still think that, so nothing has changed in my mind.

    But I will respect the way you want to run things and leave the topic for other forums, of course :).

    Thank you for your explanation and God bless you all.
  8. Actually, I'm a bit surprised the "safe sex" thread wasn't closed. I have tried to be careful in what and how I post there to avoid the possibility of offense in respect to the concerns expressed by Godb4me. I have to say that it has helped in clarifying some of my own views on that subject. A couple of other forums I'm on allow more discussion on sex-related topics. It works on their sites because of the moderation and the people who regularly respond to those threads. One of the sites refers certain specific types of sexual topics to a website by providing a link. Maybe we could do a little research and find a place where we could refer people with questions or issues we would prefer not to discuss on this site. That way we could maintain the atmosphere of our site while offering a way for people with certain concerns to have those concerns adressed.
  9. That is an amazing constructive idea that could help people get answers to the questions, which is my main concern on ignoring the subject compeltly..
    Or a forum dedicated to adult discussions where <18 members couldnt access, but it would be hard to enforce.
  10. Jesus said you give away your substance,and seeing how satan feeds of the dust of the earth=your substance could mean your spirit.
  11. Michael,

    Yes some are poor in spirit . and the apostles did lay on hands to impart spiritual gifts .. but was there something else you were meaning to say in relation to the topic?
  12. yes it seems sex is the way satan gets young people so can rob there spirits to keep his minion beautiful.a means to an end just a business for his empire.
  13. Ah .. so God imparts spiritual riches . and lust makes spiritually poor . the wages of sin and so forth .

    the riches of God is life in abundance . and the wages of sin is death .

    you also seem to be saying that the lust puts someone in a state of delusion that makes the enemy seem beautiful . which is a good point also . thank you for clarifying .

    was there any subtle nuance i missed?
  14. “Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit; for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” Matthew 5:1-13 :)
  15. :) One of my favs, thanks for noticing Phil :)
  16. I am really sorry for the way I put the OP.
    It was in no way God like, it was just nasty and judgmental and um yeah.
    So I apologize for the 'attack' in the OP, that was a case of my anger and not Gods love.
    I am sorry.

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