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  1. There is nothing special about me. I have no extra-ordinary gifts or talent. I have average intelligence. I do not possess a quick wit, or vivid imagination. I am very ordinary. In fact, sometimes I feel less capable than the average person.....

    And that's something wonderful! I don't have to depend nor seek on the approval or praise of humans, which can be so illusive. Seeking the approval of mankind, sets us up for disappointment.

    Instea,d I seek the approval of God. I cannot fail, because I am a means for God to accomplish His goals - and God cannot fail. Even if I make a mistake God is in control and the final goal is met.

    In my weakness God's strength is evident. What i cannot do, God does through me.

    God chooses the unlikely to do great things in His name. Who is better to serve Him than me? :)
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  2. God is truly everything when need; where ever we are and whatever we are doing and no matter how weak we may feel.

    2 Corinthians 12:9 ... "And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness."
  3. Please dnt say that, you are special. No one talks like you, laughs the way you do nor will anyone in the entire world have all your unique traits God gave "you" bc your an original God's original out of the billions of people on the entire face of the earth there will be none like you. Ive felt the way you have but thats what the devil and the world wants, for you to not know how special you are and to imitate celebs and be shells of ourselves by trying to be like others. We all are unique and God wants us to know that and not settle 4 the cheap imitation the world wants us to be. Connect w God =)
  4. Thank you pancakes! :) But you have misunderstood my point. We are special because God made us special and if we have shortcomings it should be looked upon as a blessing because God uses the unlikely to do great things!!!!

    This is kind of a message for those who feel unworthy or wonder why God made them "this way". We are all uniquely created for the special mission God has prepared for us. If we just let God He will do great things thru us....things no one else could possibly do. Even the impossible!

    God is good
  5. Ohh xD that was embarrasing but thanks for helping me understand . Im really shy and have a hard time understanding why the lord made me this way but i guess he will use me in wonderful ways. Thanks ginger =)
  6. Now that i re-read and understand this message is even more powerful. Glory 2 God
  7. Oh, don't be embarrassed. :) You are among friends and there is no mistake that you can make, that we haven't all made already.

    Besides, Your caring for my feelings, really made my Day!!!!
  8. Even though you feel ordinary, God sees you as extraordinary! You are special to God. Your gifts and talents to Him are remarkable. Even in Psalm 139, it says God's works are MARVELOUS. Therefore, YOU are marvelous! :)

    I'm glad you are looking for approval from God! Galatians 1:10 talks about that =]
  9. thank you and im glad to be among friends.

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