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  1. Nother newb

    Hey folks,
    Ya know for a couple of years I talked about Christ on the car forums that I was a member of, and for some reason it never dawned on me to try and find a forum focused on Christ. Better late than never, I guess. I look forward to getting to know the people here, and some awesome fellowship and conversations.
  2. Welcome to the CFS family brother- I look forward to getting to know you!:D
  3. Hello!

    God's blessings to you!!!

  4. Welcome

    :) :welcome: :jesus-cross: :jesus-sign: :D

    You said you where on car forums?
    Old Cars???

    I ask because my husband sells car repair manuals, ect. I don't know if I can post his web address here.

    someone let me know,PLEASE.

  5. Thanks for the welcome. I'm pretty excited about finding this forum.

    Thanks for the warm welcome God's_Child and Beloved. I look forward to seeing all of you in the discussion forums.

    Beloved, I used to hover on a couple of Mustang enthusiast boards. I do enjoy going to car shows with all types of cars, classics, hot rods, whatever, but my wife and I share a centered interest as far as cars go, around Ford's Mustang from the 64's alll the way up to current(well, the 71 to 86 model years don't really appeall to either one us). I don't really need any manuals, but I'm always willing to talk about cars anytime anyone is interested.
    Thanks again, for the greetings. Anyone has any questions,feel free to ask.
    See ya later.
  6. welcome :D

    Hope you enjoy it here:amen:
  7. Thanks Cade. Yep, Im enjoying myself quite a bit. There are a lot of knowledgeable posters on here , and I can already see from cruising around that there is a lot of learning,ecouragement and fun to be had. Glad to be here!
  8. Please forgive me.

    Dusty -

    Good Morning, Dusty -

    Decided to get on line and look for other Christians. I came across one of your jokes. I was not aware of the rules and regulations of this forum at this time for I did have a lot of problems trying to registure.

    Would you please forgive me. I had used you wisdom regarding sleeping through a storm to many - and I mean many. I am on a chat line that is very questionable and have open many doors for others to come and take over leading people to Chris. Your story re: sleeping through the storm has reached a few hundred people, many are not christians.

    What I didn't know was that at that time, I was not registured. I didn't get your permission! I didn't change one word, not did I take any credit for your wisdom. But, I am asking for forgiveness and permission to use anything of yours that may touch someone that has come to me for "words of wisdom" - " things that has happen to me" - including different churches inviting me to come and be a pray warror. What an honor.

    My real name is Linda Ludwig, I am also know as Brighteyes now for approximately 40 years. You will find me at the parks, sitting on a sidewalk talking to a group of people in everyday language. I do not preach. What I try to do is get help to many - meals, safe enviroments - blankets - transportation to doctors etc.

    May I please have your blessings and use your words of wisdom as you have written under you name to uplife many?

    Thank you so much for giving me your time.

    Love in Faith,
  9. My Dear Linda, No problem !!!

    You don't have to ask for my forgiveness. I am honoured that you would like to use any of my material and when it blesses others, I am blessed as well. Please feel free to use any of the posts that I have put here. We are a body of believers, joined together in one accord, here to glorify God and bring inspirationals to others. As the Lord blesses me , I love to pass on the blessing.The Holy Spirit is my guide and He is my inspiration.

    God richly bless you and the honour and Glory are to my Saviour , and soon coming King , Jesus Christ.

    And welcome to the family of CFS.And what a great name " Brighteyes "
  10. Hi I am new here. I go to a couple of other Christian forums but I like the idea that this is a safe site and that Christ is totally honoured here. :jesus-sign:gg
  11. Gratefulgrace, I am so happy to see you here!

    Hey, everyone, this dear woman is a friend of mine from another forum. She is a beautiful, holy, beloved daughter of God, full of grace and wisdom. Please help her to feel welcome here.
  12. Wow, looks like my thread has become a gathering of some new members here in this thread. For some reason, that's funny to me.LOL. ANyway, the more the merrier! Welcome all newcomers and old comers alike, to a wonderful community of believers who never hesitate to encourage, enlighten and even tickle each others funny bones.

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