Not to Seek, Lord, but to Share

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  1. Not to Seek, Lord, but to Share

    Dear God, much too often
    we seek You in prayer
    Because we are wallowing
    in our own self-despair.
    We make every word
    we lamentingly speak
    An imperative plea
    for whatever we seek.
    We pray for ourselves
    and so seldom for others---
    We're concerned with our problems
    and not with our brothers.
    We seem to forget, Lord,
    that the sweet hour of prayer
    Is not for self-seeking
    but to place in Your care
    All the lost souls,
    unloved and unknown,
    And to keep praying for them
    until they're Your own.
    For it's never enough
    to seek God in prayer
    With no thought of others
    who are lost in despair.
    So teach us, dear God,
    that the power of prayer
    Is made stronger by placing
    the world in Your care

    Helen Steiner Rice

  2. Beautiful Sis, thanks for sharing it.

    Blessings, Cheri
  3. I find that when we pray all that we do is ASK, ASK, ASK and still ASK, Yes God is a loving God and He just loves to give to us, and when we receive from Him we some how find it hrad to tell others what He has done for us.

    Also I find that we just forget to THANK Him for answering our prayers, we just take it for granted,we have asked and we think now it is up to God to fix.
    People wonder as to why they are not getting healed, yes to what Helen Rice has written in her poem.
    But we are still to bring others into what God has done for us, this is the only way that we will help and bring them to God.

    God loves you Godbe4me
    see I am still here,I got your message with love.
    I have been working hard for God in helping other friends
  4. Well stated Raymond. I am glad to see you back. I know you are working hard for Christ and He will reward you greatly for that. I am very happy to see that you are busy for Christ.

    God loves you too brother,

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