Not so sure about the vasectomy now

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by naomanos, Nov 4, 2014.

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  1. I went for the consultation today and the procedure isn't what I thought it was.

    I thought I would be knocked out our at least loopy to the point of not knowing what is going on. Nope, it's only a local. The doc said that I will know what's going on and will feel the pulling, tugging and pressure.

    That was enough to terrify me as I have a phobia to needless and scalpers. I have never had a local for anything that I have had done surgical wise. Always knocked out because of high anxiety.

    He'll do it under general anesthesia, but my insurance has to cover that and since what I have isn't really insurance, but instead a medical plan that is to be there only to keep you healthy there is a high chance of them denying the anesthesia.

    If they do not approve it, I have no idea if what I am going to do because the likelihood of me going through the vasectomy without anesthesia is slim to none and my wife will absolutely not get a tubal some, but will still ask for sex. We absolutely cannot have anymore children.

    I am terrified and about to just have a meltdown!
  2. Have you considered other forms of contraception? Do you not consider them for spiritual reasons?
  3. She will not take the pill or do anything birth control wise to herself. She has left it all on me because she is the one with the illness that subjects her to constant testing and medications she has said it's now my turn.

    I have an issue with condoms where they do not allow me to finish and I end up going longer than she can handle. Plus they are subject to breakage.
  4. Sorry dude, you just gotta man up... for your wife's sake. We all have to do things we don't want to do. Face your fears and have faith.
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  5. I did it and it wasn't a big deal. You don't feel any pain at all. It only took a few minutes and it was over.
  6. Really not that easy to just man up. It's a phobia, not something that you can just get over with the snap of the fingers.
  7. It's not a big deal is relative to the person. What is no big deal to you, is terrifying to me.
  8. Maybe you should have a tubal occlusion instead.
  9. My wife had said she will not be doing any forms of birth control on herself.

    It is all on me.
  10. I meant for you.
  11. I had to look it up while I have heard of tubal ligation, I have never heard of what you proposed. There was no mention of it being done to a man, only women.
  12. I don't mean to offend but is this a serious discussion? It seems to me there are a whole lot more issues involved than phobias of needles & scalpels. First and foremost google is your friend - get some information and then discuss it fully with your wife. It does not seem clear to me that both of you are on the same page.
  13. My suggestion would be to ask the Doctor for a valium, or something similar, and don't watch what the Doctor's doing. Just saying.
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  14. You're correct, but its still a choice. Trust is the opposite of fear. Fear is not what God wants for you. Surrender it to the Lord and move forward. Nothing in life is easy. Phobias are just in the head, deep seated, but that's why you have to tear down that stronghold, no one else can do it for you, only you by the word of God.
  15. It's only done on women.
  16. I seen someone on discovery channel do it. He said it was easy, but I'm pretty sure I saw a tear come out of his eye.
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  17. My dear brother......RELAX! Take a deep breath.

    I had it done 25 years ago and it is a no brainer, no problem event. The local is extremely effective and Because you "feel" does not mean you will hurt. When you go to the dentist, you know he is working in your mouth but you also know that you are in no danger of pain or problems.

    Buck up and think of your wife. Just do it and you will not be sorry.
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  19. My advice still is to not do it at all and for each of you to accept one another as you are. But I will certainly pray for you both as maintaining a marriage is a noble and important duty.
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  20. I can't take any of your comments seriously......hahaha

    I would offer my opinion, but yet....but have no knowledge on this specific topic.


    But in all sincerity, I hope that you figure it out on what to do.
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