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  1. Please define Omegle people, people that operate Omegle or users that use Omegle.

    Also are you on other social media sites? Do you post pictures or video to those site? If you do then people can find them.
    You do not have to be batman to find someone if they are on facebook.
  2. Well I doubt they would have known my surname, but yes, I have Facebook and I am on deviantART, and in Omegle I only told my first name. And I meant Omegle users. But I don't post my real pictures on deviantART. Just drawings and art.
  3. I think that statement is an exaggeration but NSA is involved in the capture of still pictures from webcams.

    Living in the UK, the example I am aware of is Optic Nerve where GCHQ are obtaining images from NSA who collect the images from a Yahoo Webcam service.

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