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  1. Last night I had a scary dream that they spread my information and pictures online and I became a very famous Internet meme, and now I am feeling very anxious and I feel like something bad is about to happen and that I will get bullied in the Internet. Is the Holy Spirit really telling me that something bad is about to happen? :/ I am scared...

    Also, can hackers turn on the person's webcam without the webcam's light being turned on? What I fear the most is that I am scared that some people spied me on the webcam and maybe even filmed me and then posted a video about me somewhere, but I cannot find any video about me, except the strong inappropriate humour videos about me what I created and in those videos I star as a MS Paint cartoon drawing only. And yesterday I also saw that the volume in my computer was raised to 100% and I have no idea that how because I was listening to music by myself only and I didn't plan anything to show a song to my mom. I did raise the volume, but not to 100... How do I find out masked malware that pretend to be good or normal programs?

    I don't know what to do... I am creeped out... And I feel sick now and I feel like I am about to vomit... :/ And the Lord refuses to tell me if something like this is happening or will happen only because the prophecy gift is to help others and never to personal predictions...

    And please don't ban me because of this. I need advice now.
  2. One, place tape over your webcam sensor. They won't see anything.

    Two, shut off your computer when you are not using it, or simply shut down the wifi or pull the ethernet.

    Three, stay calm. Fear is chiefly an illusion. You can deny it at any time. You are the final arbiter in your life.
  3. The NSA is watching you and everyone else. They can look at you through you Webcam or the camera on your phone. They have done this to many people and it's a documented fact. Welcome to the year 1984.
  4. I disconnected the connection from NSA and I also live in Finland.
  5. Well, this fear started in last year December when someone told me in Omegle things that seem like they saw me even though I didn't go to the webcam section there and I didn't post my pictures there. And that time I had no tape on the camera...
  6. What is past is past. If it has not emerged yet then it probably won't.

    Put safety measures into place and stop going to Omegle. It is a den of iniquity.
  7. You can't disconnect the NSA. And living somewhere other than the US ensures you are being watched by them. Just ask Edward Snowden.
  8. Please link us to a credible document that states it is fact. Thanks.
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  9. And Omegle is a very sinful place too, right?
  10. What you mean with emerged?
  11. If the video of you taken without your permission has not been show to be true, it means the chances of it being in existence at all is remote.

    Things like this usually surface quickly.
  12. Well, I never found any webcam video about me anywhere... But a person in Omegle said that they like my hair or that my hair is very cool, but I could guess that they only saw my deviantART drawings about me...
  13. Then you should be fine. Take precautions and go forward.
  14. Or how can I find it? I googled it and no results...
  15. If Google does not have it, then it either does not exist or it is not worth indexing.

    Either way, you're fine.
  16. But sometimes Google doesn't show things but later it shows and then somedays it doesn't show. And I am not even sure if the keywords I typed to search a webcam video about me are the right ones... On the other hand, I told my first name in Omegle.
  17. No video has surfaced. No promotion of it anywhere.

    The possibility of it being real is dim.

    Time to move on to the next part of your day.
  18. You don't keep up on current events do you?
  19. You said it was documented fact. Produce a credible document. One that clearly states that the NSA is turning on cameras to spy on EVERYONE all over the entire world.
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  20. But how do the Omegle people know what do I look like? They told things that seemed like they have seen me...

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