Not Feeling the Merry part....

Discussion in 'Biblical Advices' started by DaveS, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. Not Feeling the Merry part....

    For Christmas I'm home visiting my parents. And I've already had enough.

    I got droped off here by my room mate on Saturday, and I'm afraid I'm about to snap already.

    Its hard to discribe, buy my mom can't seem to treat my like an adult. She tells me what to do continualy. She also nags. Meaning while I'm doing the task she's telling me how wrong I'm doing it. She makes me furious. I'm stuck here for almost another week, and I feel like I'm not gonna make it without something really bad happening. I truly hate spending time with my family. There is a reason why I only visit once month, even though I live 20mins away. I don't know how to deal with her.
  2. Ahhh. Update already. She's ******** about me on the computer.
  3. Don't explode, now.
    Stay calm and tell her very nicely that you didn't come to visit to have a miserable time.
    Demand to be treated like an adult by your actions.
    Good luck~:)
  4. Dave ask God to let you see here thru His eyes. Love and forgive your momma as they are one to a customer and when they are gone they are sorely missed. Make the most of loving your family as we never know how long we have each other here on this earth.
  5. I keep trying to tell myself that. She doesn't mean to be mean. Its just who she is.
  6. It weird that Love sometimes manifests itself in ways that often offend.

    Pray for you guys to have a great time together and pray for your relationship with your family to be strong. My dad used to drive me crazy when I was a young man. Now as we get older, we grow closer together every day.
  7. It is just who she is while in the bondage she lives in. Pray that God open her eyes to what is important!
  8. This is so true brother, the old saying is you always hurt the one you love- it is ashame that the easiest person to unload on is often the one we are closest to. Jesus open our eyes.
    Itis a real blessing that you and your dad are close. I am learnign that each day these people are in my life is a gift and none of us are here forever. That really keeps things in proper perspective for me.
  9. I went through something similar at my "in-law's" house just before Christmas...

    I bit the bullet. I held my tongue. They're old, I won't have them with me much longer. They're set in their ways. They're my elders, so I have to listen to them (culturally speaking, that is). I'm in their home. It's Christmas. It's not going to last forever, I kept repeating to's not going to last forever...

    I made it!

    All's I can say is keep a smile on your face. One day, you're going to wish so badly to hear your mommy talk to you, even the words might be harsh, but it'll be too late. Grin and bare it, I say. It won't last forever.

  10. Ahhh,

    So I kind of feel bad about saying that about my mom. Sometimes I get upset, and I'd rather complain about it on a forum or to a friend, then take it out on people. She really does mean well. Things really improved after my last post. We went for a walk at a local conservation area aafter my last post. After that things have been great. I've had fun with my family. My brother showed up, and we're very close and my mood has been good.

    Thanks Everyone. I hope you all had a wounderful Christmas with your family.
  11. I am so pleased it went well Dave. Even my inlaws were nice this go round! Very impressive!!!

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