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Discussion in 'Family and Parenting' started by carolinasteve, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. What a beautiful baby! What a blessing for God. I pray he knows God from his youth, many blessings on your home, brother Larry.
  2. Sorry, Larry. Somehow I missed your post:confused:. Thank you for the compliment. He is absolutley awesome! Our goal as parents is to ensure that he knows who God is, and to encourage him(not force) him to persue God in all things. I pray that God will show us the way, and give us the hearts that allow our faith to be the example for him to follow.

    Isn't it amazing, how God gives us such a love for our children? I mean it's a love that is incomprehensible and indescribable and totally unexpected. I honestly believe that God enables us to feel this love, not just to be able to provide for our children, but as an example, a very small sample, of the love He feels for us. How humbling to know that we are incapable of loving anyone,includng our own children, to the level that God loves us!:bow::jesus-sign:
  3. Np brother just make sure to post some more pics when they are available. Your boy has a lot of uncles and aunts at CFS praying for him!:D
  4. congratulations,a truely Godly gift.
  5. Heh Mike yours should be soon too!?
  6. Beautiful, beautiful boy Steve:)
    Now you know how I ended up with eight!
  7. What a joy! Another beautiful North Carolina boy. Congratulations.

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