non believing girlfriend

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  1. non believing girlfriend

    My girlfriend is a non believer and I was wondering if I should be with them. We got into an argument because I told her that dinosaurs were on the Arc with Noah and she said that I was wrong. She's always telling me that I'm wrong and pointing out how she thinks that I'm wrong for believing. I've tried to get her to go to church and become a Christian but she won't. My parents don't like her because of this. I don't know what to do.
  2. So I'm gonna assume you're asking for advice, right?
    Well, honestly, why would you be with someone that doesn't believe in what you believe in? What's the point? Are you going to marry this girl?

    Sometimes, even though it's hard to do, we need to look at what God wants. Not about what we want. Do you think GOd approves of this relationship. DO you think he's saying, "Oh, it's okay. She doesn't love me. It's fine." If the answer is "no," then that should be your answer.

    Being in a relationship is a big thing. I've been single for over a year now. And there's been a few guys interested in me, but my thing is this: Is this what GOd wants? ANd do these guys love GOd? ANd the answer was no. They don't love GOd, they aren't Christians, so why waste my time? I want to marry a Christian man who loves God and who is so on fire for Him. So why would I date someone that WASN'T a Christian? It's just a waste of time.

    ANd before you jump into any relationship, be sure you are in LOVE with Jesus before. I mean, he is the rock in ALL relationships. If you aren't stable in Jesus, then how can we be stable in a relationship?

    My advice is to break it off. Don't say, "I'll wait until tomorrow." Because when tomorrow comes, you won't do it. Do it now. RIght this moment. It takes courage.

    Go to God and talk to him. He'll listen. But just a warning, he may not agree with you on everything you say. So if you are trying to tell God that you really want to be in this relationship, God will PROBABLY disagree and say, "But this is now what I want. Are you living for ME or are you living for yourself?"
  3. I'm not going to break up with my girlfriend. I love them and she is a human being with feelings who also loves me. I wanted to know how to live with a non believer.
  4. I have to agree with everything xspinning has said. Well said.

    Once we become believers in Christ we should learn to surrender and leave everything to him.

    I know you love this girl, but all i can say is keep praying and asking God what would be the right thing to do in your situation. God will reveal to you his plans for you and your girlfriends lives.

    Take care and God Bless
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  7. Your girlfriend is smart. You should listen to her.

    Please, explain to me how Noah got two of every species on a boat. There are over two million species of animal on the earth today. How can anyone with half a brain take that story literally?
  8. That is not what you asked. You asked this:
    So I answered.
    IT seems that you are focusing on what you want instead of what God wants. You came here asking what we think. I told you. It's okay if you will disagree, but I'm not trying to be rude or even mean, but if you're in a relationship with a nonbeliever, don't expect to become closer to God. Because usually nonebelievers will pull you down.

    She's already obviously arguing you with your belief. So if you think that's what GOd wants then go for it. But hon, God doesn't want you to be in this relationship. We can't be selfish and think of our own wants. We need to think about what God wants.

    Who are you living for?
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  10. Sometimes God will have you be with a non-believer so you can show them The Way. This has happened to me on the end of two different situations. I'll share them with you if you are interested.

    My ex ex girlfriend broke up with me because I was a non believer and wasn't the person she wanted me to be. After we broke up, I actually was saved by the Lord. Our relationship went from not talking to each other at all to now being friends because God wants us to have fellowship and love fellow Christians. We are now on good terms because our love is for God.

    I broke it off with my ex girlfriend because she is a non-believer. I actually liked her a lot and got along with her better than I have with any other girlfriend probably. Still, I knew it was the right decision to break it off because I love God more than anyone else.

    So what I propose to you is to evaluate your relationship. God is the most important person in your life right? At least I hope so. If so, then you need to have a talk with your girlfriend and continue to see where things go. If she continues to disregard your faith and to turn away from God and argue with you about Him, how can she be the one for you? God's love should be more important to you than your girlfriend's. But who knows, maybe if you pray for her she will have a turn around and some interest in the Lord. Maybe she will want to learn more and go to church with you. Pray and talk to God about this. But like I said, if she continues to disregard your faith, I would definitely break it off with her.

    I'll pray for your girlfriend too to find God's love. :)

  11. At this time in your life , it is important that you still take your Christian stand but not with a compelling force that will turn her off from Christianity . She needs to see from your example that you love the Lord and your love for Jesus is greater than your love for her , as we know we need to love the Lord first and formost and put Him first in our life and as we do that He will give us the desires of our heart .

    You need to pray more for her and get your Christian friends to pray for her as well . If she is the girl for you , the Holy Spirit will convict her that she needs to come to Christ and accept Him as Her Saviour . You cannot be always nagging and forcing but need more prayer.

    Ask yourself this ..... Have I given my whole heart to Christ or have I given my heart to _______ ? If you put your priorities in the right place God will honour and bless you .

    Hope that helps ... God Bless ... Seek first the kingdom of God all else will follow .

    Matthew 6:33
    But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
  12. Sometimes what she says makes sense. My parents are afraid she's going to make me stop believing. I've always questioned the flood story and a few other things. I went through a time when I stopped going to church but I started back up again. Maybe she is with me to help me instead of me help her?
  13. We have to remember that it is called faith for a reason. You cannot always see the things we believe it, yet we have faith that they are there. Perhaps it is something you think doesn't make sense in practical terms, but if you have faith in the Word then you will believe what it says.
    All you can do is pray that your girlfriend will find Christ. You cannot allow her beliefs to cloud your judgment on your religion. Keep being a positive example to her, and you may just change her life for the better. Saying prayers for you both.
  14. Maybe I'm too late?

    People have given you their view about whether you should be in a relationship with a non-Christian. No one has mentioned a relationship with people of other faiths. If there is one God, the people in other monotheists faiths actually worship the same God but in their own way. So what about an agnostic or even an atheist?

    If your girlfriend is actually an antitheist (i.e. against gods rather than simply a non believing atheist) you might as well give up but otherwise what have you got to lose? We can all pick bits of the bible to support our own particular view, that is why some people hold some of their views, but what on earth (and heaven) is there against being with someone who believes something different from you?

    Remember that there are roughly 200 different different Christian denominations, orders and sects and that is without counting thousands of cults. Within each of those denominations etc no two thinking people will share exactly the same view - and so what? We don't have a reliable source of God's views, opinions, rules etc, we simply interpret them from ancient writings and dreams. Before someone says there is a set of rules called the ten commandments, remember that they say nothing about rules for Christians and certainly nothing about non-believing friends and partners.

    If you will not have a atheist girlfriend what about atheist friends, colleagues, neighbours etc, etc. By associating with atheists you can show them that your faith gives you joy and helps you to be a good person. You may or may not help them to their own belief but what harm will it do you?

    Are you concerned that they may convince you that some of your beliefs are questionable? They may well do but some of your beliefs may well be questionable. Few people actually believe in Adam and Eve or Noah's ark etc so if they convince you that those and other elements of the bible are simply tales or allegory - so what. YOU believe that Jesus died for you and loves you - surely that is what counts.

    IF you love this girl, who put that love in your heart? Assuming that you think it was God, why should you ignore that love? Maybe he has a purpose in making you love her and you should follow your heart. If you are just attracted to her just by lust you have really written to the wrong place. Lust does not last indefinately. The most important thing in any relationship is that you can like and respect the other person and they can like and respect you. The 'madly in love' kind of love generally passes and if you are lucky and true to yourselves a stronger deeper love will develop. Hopefully the same goes for your love of God.

    If you like her, respect her and love her just enjoy each other. Be fruitful and multiply.

    The very best of luck.


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