Nobody Expects....

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Banarenth, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Nobody Expects....

    Winds blow, mountains tremble, the rivers flow, the forest does nothing..

    Rooster : Stop being so dramatic, you just aren't that important

    Donkey : Shhhh, I like this movie

    Rooster : Movie?

    Umm...anyway, I am kinda sorta back...ish. Not sure how much time I'll have, but I'm here for now at least.
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  2. hi m8 what you been doing.?and welcome back.
  3. Whoa .... Wait a moment .... Is that who I see ? What ??? I missed rooster and donkey ...

    Man, it's been a long time so you have some catching up to do , telling us all about what you have been up to Brother Ban .
  4. Well, working hard. I'm about halfway through seminary. Have about 7 months to go before the wedding. I have my kids back four days a week now, and I'm working on several ministry projects. So, yeah, the usual light load.

    Rooster : There isn't anything light about your load fatso.

    Donkey : Now that's just rude
  5. You are a busy man for sure . But it's nice to see you back and stick around . we love to have you with your rooster and donkey :smiley90:
  6. Hi Banarenth. I'm curious... What does you name mean?
  7. My name has no literal meaning. It's a combination of several things, but is mostly inspired by a combination of a line in Peter Pan and a series of book by Anne MacCaffrey. It's always a bit of a complicated explanation. Usually just easier to say I made it up.
  8. Haha. Ok.
  9. Hello!
    Banarenth ?

    You're still alive? HAHA
    We thought you lost your way. I've seen your name but haven't ever seen you show your face ,I don't think. And still its sort of hidden. :D

    But welcome back!

    {Don't mind me , I'm just a big joker! } :p
  10. :eek:hno01: Dusty gives us a clue!

    He can ban you if you don't behave!
  11. Good to see you back, Ban. So you've been going to seminary? No wonder you've been scarce. Pop in when you can; we've missed you.
  12. I don't think I can ban anyone anymore, not that it matters much. I haven't been a moderator in over a year, and even then, I was only really active in the earlier days of the board. I'm just your friendly neighborhood helper now.
  13. Banarenth
    I know you can't. I wasn't serious but just joking because they were calling you Ban. Guess I shouldn't joke with people I don't know.

    God bless
  14. It's all good. It won't take you long to realize that I'm rarely ever serious, but I do tend to be overly analytical.

    Donkey : You said a...

    Rooster : Don't encourage him...just don't.
  15. Ha ha .... Yah .... just don't encourage him .:smiley90:
  16. Well I'm happy to see you back even if it is off n on. God Bless you little buddy ol pal ol chum ol friend!:cool:

    Chili out

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