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  1. What a peculiar and funny movie. Anyone else see it?
  2. I won't waste my time seeing it.
  3. Well I won't spoil it and tell you everything that happened, but I will give a brief summary.

    Everybody wanted to get in the boat because they didn't want to die. Rock monsters are smashing people. Noah's trying to kill babies. There's another crazy guy who's trying to teach ham it's okay to bight lizards heads off. Noah gets drunk and naked. Then he rubs some dirty old snake skin on Harry potters girlfriends kids heads, and out pops a rainbow. The end.
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  4. And sin was crime against nature?
  5. Yeah, Arnofsky made Noah like a hippy/skitz-o
  6. I've not seen it and i'm guessing it'b a waste of time as i've heard it's not based on biblical truth. I read a report on the film from goodfightministries.
  7. I don't think there is any bible movie based on biblical truth.
  8. I suppose so.
  9. Maybe passion of Christ, that was in aramaic.
  10. Oh yeah that was good!
  11. Please Mel Gibson make another bible movie if you're reading this.
  12. BwahahaaaaAHAHA
  13. This lady told me she won't see Noah, because an atheist directed it, I said but don't you watch Ellen everyday? *Facepalm*
  14. I read that the movie Noah is banned in some Islamic countries because it is naughty to portray holy people. I also read that some Islamic countries lauded 'The Passion" because it showed the Jews up as the bad guys. :confused:
  15. I try not to support hollywood if i dont have to. I heard this Noah film was a blasphemist rendition of the bible's telling. I'm going to skip this one. My minister tells the story better as it is. ;)

    Be blessed :)
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  16. Meh, I watched it, and found nothing blasphemous about it. Plus I really love movie popcorn. Popcorn made at home just really isn't the same as movie popcorn. I've even gone as far as doing my Google research to figure out how they make the popcorn so delicious. Every website claims they know the secret to making movie popcorn, then I go and try it, and it's not the same. It's not the same at all. That is blasphemy!
  17. About Mel Gibson's ' Passion of the Christ'- was mentioned by the pastor of my church. Although a good film, he said he doubts that anyone got saved watching it as it was played on emotion and not intelligent faith.
  18. Id rather watch Noah than magic mike.
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  19. Depends on who the commentator is. Muslamania has a peculiar idea of what divinity is. That doesn't make them right...about anything.
    What is Blasphemy and exactly how does that apply to this film?
    Chicken Little ran around screaming 'the sky is falling....the sky is falling!" Check for yourself first before running around the chook pen screaming nonsense.
  20. I never said it was. I said "I heard" it was. I have no idea what you're getting at here. I just check myself. Seems like everything is good at this end. :)

    Be blessed. :)

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