No Speeding.

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  1. Sometimes we are in a rush, but speeding is dangerous, please be safe. Here is a commercial that reminds us of the dangers:

  2. I never speed.
  3. I actually drive under the speed limit.
  4. People actually get angry at me for driving the speed limit.
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  5. I'll admit it: I drive on the edge, just under the limit. However, I have caught myself going over occasionally. That's why G-d invented speed control for my car.
  6. watched your commercial. wow.
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  7. They really do, which I don't really understand, because I'm in the slow lane. They could easily get in the fast lane, and go about their day. When they flip me the bird, I usually just stick my tongue at them... I'm a rebel sometimes.
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  8. I know what you mean. It's like a roller coaster once you start getting close to that speed limit.
  9. Well there is a problem that no one is addressing. All vehicles are going faster and faster. It is easy and tempting to speed.

    Can you drive slow in any car with a turbo? A 600 plus cc bike?
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  10. Try giving them the peace sign. It seems to calm them down most of the time at least it werks for me lol
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  11. Well, I usually buy Chevys. And my bikes have been small, because I am short and I want a bike I can handle.

    Well, I am a little old lady with obviously dyed red hair, so they are more patient with my driving according to the laws.
    Or else they make odd hand gestures and scream at me, but I can't hear what they're saying, so no big deal :D
  12. I always go the speed limit when I am praying, but then I tend to go a little faster in the flesh. :)
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  13. I drive under speed limit whenever I am driving with my wife.. Trust me, she is better than cop.. Every time I cross limit, a question will come "What speed are you going at?"
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